Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome Back to Oregon!

We had such a fun trip in Utah, but it is good to be back in our own beds. Here is how the trip home went:

We started by stopping for breakfast at I-Hop. We stopped there on our way to Utah back in November and had so much fun we had to do it again! This may become a road-trip tradition!

We then drove half-way till we needed to stop for a break. As you can see, everyone in the backseat was ready for a break :) We grabbed lunch and went to a baseball field to eat.

It was super bright out so we got Audrey her sunglasses ... but really, she just wanted to stretch out and go to sleep. :) 

We watched a pretty awesome train go by! It was super long!

A few quotes from the trip:
-- Aaron from the back seat hollered, "Hey Mama! I need go temple!"
-- After changing drivers... Aaron, "Hey, Wait!" Eric, "What?" Aaron, "I drive ..." Eric, "No, It's Mama's turn." Aaron, "aw..."
-- Immediately after passing the "Welcome to Idaho" sign we saw another sign that said, "Transportation of invasive species prohibited..." Me, "Are children an invasive species?"

And... that is all the photos we took. The rest of the trip was uneventful... Besides Aaron throwing up 1 hour before we got home - poor kid :( Considering we were in the car for so long, the kids did great with just the one break. Wahoo! I am so pleased with them!

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