Thursday, May 29, 2014

Couple of Random Cuties

 There is a division in our neighborhood... Some of the kids aren't allowed to play with the other kids and so they play on separate sides of the street. Our kids have not had any bad run-ins with any of the other kids so they are lucky and can play with them all! One group was playing with cars outside their house right near the entrance to our development (scary!) so I stood at the entrance to make sure no cars came flying in while our kids played. They had a blast!

 Conversation between Aaron and I:
A: Mama, I want to watch Mater and the Ghost Light...
M: If I do that for you, what will you do for me?
A: Do for you?
M: Yes...
A: I, uh, get you a, uh, present!
M: A present? For me?!? What will be in it?
A: A really big horse! For your birthday!
M: For me? Ok, you go get my horse an dI'll turn on the TV.
I turn around and then back to see him holding a roll of packing tape - the closest item to him...
A: Here it is!
M: That's my horse?
A: Yes! It's just pretend mama...

  Somebody got herself stuck and then somebody decided he wanted to join...

Couple more cute Aaronisms:

 When Aaron recites the alphabet, he says j, k, elf, m, n ...
It is their "thing" - Aaron and Daddy have cereal and milk. Aaron very rarely has it without Daddy (he usually has yogurt with me). But I walked in the kitchen one morning just in time to hear, "Mama usually give me chocolate ... chocolate milk with my cereal." Wait, what? I most certainly have not! Manipulation already?
I went to a meeting and Aaron stayed home with Daddy and Audrey. Aaron informed Daddy that since Mama was gone, they could do whatever they want! Daddy agreed to this and asked what Aaron wanted to do... Aaron replied, "GO TO THE BEACH!" Daddy informed him that they couldn't actually do that, but maybe they could go outside and pretend they were at the beach. Aaron replied, "That's it Daddy! That's it! We can go outside and pretend we are at the beach! That's it!!!"

Aaron gets to eat way too many otter-pops (or as he calls them, water-pops) a day than he probably should ... this is because every time he wants one, he brings one for Mama and one for Audrey too...

For a while, Aaron would ask, "mama, are you thirsty?" If I replied, "Yes," he would then say he was also thirsty and request I get him a drink when I got mine... so I've started saying, "Yes, but I'm alright, thanks." He now replies still that he is thirsty too, but he offers to get me a drink! He'll race to the kitchen and fill me a glass with water and bring it to me before even getting one for himself. So thoughtful!
 Love Aaron't little "game face." After driving this taxi "to Daddy's work" Aaron begged to actually go to Daddy's work to see Daddy ... and to get candy. We totally went to pay a visit to the office 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

We feel so blessed to live in a country that is protected. Where we can practice our religion free of fear. Thank you to all those who have given their lives for this freedom.

We started out our weekend with Godzilla and Cold Stone with a live band ... seriously, epic beginning!
I, of course, cried off and on throughout the whole movie... Everytime a child got separated from their parents or a wife worried about her husband - geez. I'm such a boob. It was a great movie though :)

On Sunday, Aaron jumped on Eric's computer, asked us all to buckle up and said he was going to fly us to Utah. Haha. He then opened up Dota and looked around yelling, Tyler? Where are you? (Tyler is the friend Eric plays Dota with the most).

Monday, Eric wanted to go out to breakfast so we headed to Ihop where, once again, they thought he ordered the steak burrito and I ordered the fruit french toast. Seriously, are people trying to make a statement about my figure? ;)

After breakfast we went for a walk and then, per Aaron's request, to the park. He's been begging to go to the park for the last week and we are lucky the weather cooperated!

Afterwards, we came home to get ready for a BBQ with the neighbors! Audrey showed me she is able to get things off the counter (I suspect her brother helped...). Marshmallows are one of her favorites right now. 

We are so lucky to have such great neighbors! More than half the homes on the street participated!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


The sun has been out for a few weeks now and I've taken waaaaaaay too many photos.
Here you go ;)
Aaron and Audrey love to copy each other. He tries to do what she does and she tries to do what he does.
Hopefully in the future this means they will inspire each other to be better; then perhaps they'll stop eating sand.

That hat...

Aaron loves to drop rocks down the sewer to "feed the worms" - seriously one of his favorite games.

I traced Aaron on the sidewalk saying, "hold still, almost done." He then decided he wanted to trace me. He said the same thing over and over, "hold still, almost done! Don't move!" ... I think I need to loose weight.

Oh the magic of water in a bowl! Audrey won't move for ages if I place her by a bowl of water.

 Aaron has fun sorting the balls. 

What ... you don't play football using golf clubs?
It is the way Aaron invented the game!

With how much Audrey is also enjoying the pool (Thanks Gramma and Grampa for the pool!), I may have to go out and buy her an actual swimsuit - she loves it!!!

 Aaron loves having his friends over to play!!! I'm so grateful that he has so many friends!

These first ones are of Aaron and Daniel. 

These two were so eager to help me mow the lawn - I hope this is a trend that continues! 

Next comes Aaron and Zach, our neighbor's nephew whom we play with often!

Last is Aaron and Bryce

Dear Sun,
Please don't leave...
A very happy mama!