Saturday, December 4, 2010


Just about everyone knows now, but ... I'm pregnant.  We found out November 12. Eric took me on a date and bought me roses. I am now 7 weeks along due around July 23.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Sniffer

It isn't that every person stinks, it's just that, well.... they do!  Don't worry, it isn't just you - my poor husband who I love dearly has had to take more showers, brush his teeth more often than is probably good for his gums and change his deodorant, again, thanks to my newly developed super sniffer. He also has reduced how much cologne he wears and has kindly resorted to going into a corner to spray it on his wrists.  I hate how I walk around at work and find myself cringing away from some people - they didn't used to smell... and now my co-worker has cooked a burrito. It reeks! It smells so strong! Normally, this would make me think, "Hey, I want a burrito" but now it makes me think "Hey, get that smelly thing outta here!" Obviously I can't tell her that so I am venting about it here instead.


Today I went to a forum for the college I work for (Fine Arts and Communications). A woman named Ruth who is a news anchorwoman spoke and in her talk she quoted her father in saying:

"All parents want their children to succeed, but most of all they want them to succeed in being righteous."

I just wanted to share this.