Monday, November 30, 2015

Evolution of the Crawl

When babies learn to crawl, you get an awful lot of funny things going on ...
These were captured over the course of a few weeks as she really got a handle on this crawling thing.

For starters, who knew babies are so strong?!?

You never know what'll motivate them to get moving!
I'm not evil for laughing at this, am I?
This inchworm style crawl is one of my favorites
And here's what we captured today. It's been like this for almost a week now. She can reach whatever she wants within moments, and she's certainly proud of herself!
 Sitting like this? Ain't no problem for a dancer's daughter!
 She maneuvers easily into a sitting position, all on her own.
 It's clear though, that she isn't content with just crawling! She's trying to stand up from the floor and can stand with ease as long as she grasps something for balance.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's That Time of the Month Again...

It's the end of the month, you had to know a catch up post was imminent.

Eric surprised me with a new phone on Friday (it was on sale, I wasn't feeling well, so he grabbed it. Love that guy!)! I've enjoyed figuring out the new settings and I LOVE the camera!
 Being goofballs with the Christmas table decorations... 
 The kids love to help out. They have their own "list" of chores - tidy their rooms, wipe doorknobs and light switches, putting away the vacuum cord, sorting their laundry, and now, I can add emptying the dishwasher to the list! I love it! Often, Aaron asks Audrey to just hand him things - but they also work well both putting the items in the cabinets! 
 I repaired my mom's old coat again this season. It needs constant maintenance since it's so old, but I adore it!

 I went to pick up tickets for Eric and I to see a movie, The Martian. I had to go in to get them so the whole crew got out of the car. Since we were out, we decided to go on a walk to the waterfront. Totally worth it!
Aaron is supposed to be in bed, but he came in our room to exclaim that he had done several little burps, but then he did, "the biggest burp ever!" He proceeded to do more than 20 little burps as Eric and I stared open mouthed... He then said, "huh... Guess I need to keep practicing!" He walked off, burping down the hall. In fact, I can still hear him. The burps are getting louder. Looks like his "practice" is paying off. I have a feeling he'll be back to perform his "biggest burp ever" in the next while...
He is a boy, through and through!
I've decided he can only burp in his room. He does a series of 7-10 burps in a row, multiple times an hour. Telling him to stop or ignoring him didn't slow the number of times he'd do it. So he gets banished instead... I think it's helping.
 The game "flow" is their favorite. Audrey comes in, puts on Eric's headphones and requests it as she grabs a controller.
 Packages from GP/Grammy - Audrey uses the pillowcases Grammy made as sleeping bags.
Sitting down to have a snack of applesauce, Aaron asked if he could offer the prayer. I hastily said it was just a snack so he could simply go ahead and eat as I was taking care of Audrey. His reply? "But Mama, Jesus wants us to say prayers." He said it so calmly... There I was rushing around with my agenda while he was in touch with heaven's agenda. Consider me humbled. Go ahead and pray, sweetie. I'm listening.
Aaron and Audrey have had a blast racing around the house to get "presents" for each other. They are also both very adamant - when they are playing "puppy" (i.e. when one of them is a puppy) ... how dare I use their names? If it's their turn to be "puppy" that is what I must call them. In this picture, Aaron is giving a series of gifts to "puppy."
 I got Adelynn dressed and asked Audrey what color headband she should wear. Audrey declared, "blue." Thinking it didn't really matter, I said that I had planned on white and placed a white bow on her head. Audrey was furious. She hunted down their matching headbands, took the white one off of Adelynn, placed the blue one in it's place and the yellow one on herself. So cute that she wanted to match!
Adelynn loves to try and drum like Daddy!
But she also enjoys dancing to the beat with her siblings!
 We were watching Beauty and the Beast and the part where Beast gives Belle the library came on. The kids asked why he gave it to her and I said it was because she was sad so he wanted to do something nice for her! Eric was home sick that day and so the kids wanted to do something nice for him. They raced to the cabinet to get the brownie mixes GP and Grammy sent us and we set about making him some homemade Tuscan soup and brownies. Eric felt much better after!
 Speaking of nice gestures when someone is sad... Eric brought home flowers, oreos, ice cream, and a movie when he realized I was having a rough day. Love him!!!
 Audrey and I love to watch Daddy win!
 Earlier in the month, we headed to the park on a sunny (not warm) day. The kids had a blast!
 Adelynn slept in the stroller. I can't wait till she's big enough to play!
  Audrey pretending her stick is a flute ;)
 Eric taught Aaron how to play tic-tac-toe. Aaron actually got pretty good at it!
 I purchased all of our stocking stuffers the week before Thanksgiving. The next day, the grass was frosted. So fitting! Also, another "flute" for Audrey!
Random visit to Precoa. Audrey aspires to be the IT Support Secretary one day! She also loves playing dress-up with Adelynn and reading her stories. Apparently this one says, "I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart." lol
 Adelynn can't keep her hands off the tree ... or the ornaments! It's pretty cute.
 She learned the hard way, though, that the branches are not her friend. She's gotten whacked a few times and she now knows they also itch! She backed herself up in to it and ripped off her headband as the branches swished on her neck. She was so surprised when the itching didn't stop after her headband was gone! So, now we just play with the ornaments and stay back a bit...

And there you have it! The rest of what went on this past November!