Sunday, January 31, 2016

Surprise Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago, Eric's parents offered to watch our kids for a weekend so we could have a break.
I asked Eric what he wanted to do and he said he had a few ideas but each time I tried to learn what those ideas were, he was super vague... so I let it go thinking he just wanted a quiet weekend at home.

Well, Friday morning, he presented me with a packing list, haha! And boy did he do well - he basically had me pack something for every occasion so I had no idea what was going on!

I dropped the kids off, picked him up from work, and we headed out to dinner and did a little shopping.
 Then we buckled in for a drive out to the coast through the fog and rain - it was so cool!
Eric got us a hotel on the beach - right on the Rockaway Beach. It was gorgeous! We watched a bit of a Dota 2 tournament and then while talking, Eric learned I had never seen Anchorman so we rented and watched that - such a silly movie. Yeah, I packed us matching lounge shirts... like a boss!
This was our view when we woke up. Breathtaking!
 We made breakfast together and went on a long walk along the beach - Eric even offered me a ride! 
 We then headed to the Tillamook Cheese Factory - though we stopped at some viewing points along the way.
  You can't go to Tillamook without getting ice cream!
 We got home yesterday afternoon, neatened the house, and had a quiet evening alone.
Eric's parents brought the kids back around noon today and then all 3 of them fell asleep.

Life . Is . Good

Thank you for the fun surprise getaway, Eric! I loved every second of it!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Crafts

We sure love our crafts - painting in particular!
Here are the two painting projects the kids did this month:
 Their first project was these adorable light catchers Alaina gave them for Christmas!
 Our second project was inspired by an idea I saw online -
The kids colored some cardboard that I made into airplanes for them! 
 I'm so impressed at the way Aaron outlined his entire airplane - he's getting really good with a pen!
He ended up mixing all of his colors to see what it created. Audrey stuck with her pink and purple, as always!
The kids have also loved holding "school."
We work on letters, sounds, numbers, sight words, handwriting, etc.
Both kids are pretty great at the letters, numbers, and their sounds, and are both quite well behaved at "school!"
One day, we worked on making sure the people we draw have bodies 
(rather than a giant circle head with limbs sticking out).
 Aaron was very proud (to be honest, so was I!) of the hair he drew on his stick figure! He was very meticulous as he created the scallop around the head.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National Spouse Day

Today is National Spouse Day.
Did you know? To be honest, I only know because I work for The Dating Divas.
It is also one of Eric's and my anniversaries! Today, 6 years ago, we decided to get married.

In honor of both, I thought I'd document that story!

Every Tuesday at BYU there is a devotional at 11 am. Campus shuts down - literally.
So every Tuesday, after I started dating Eric (Dec. 19) I would trek down to my apartment and we would watch devotional together. I would very rarely make it back up to campus on time for my 12 pm class. 
We would chat and life was great.

This particular Tuesday, January 26, we chatted even longer. I wish I could remember the details - we must have been discussing the future because at one point Eric stopped the conversation to say, "You realize what we're talking about, right?" I responded with, "Yeah, we're talking about marriage..." "Are you ok with that?" "Yeah..." "Good. Me too."
The next day, we went ring shopping.

That was it. Sounds simple, ordinary, and plain, right?

It was anything but that. It was one of the best moments of my life. I knew I loved Eric - I had even told him that a week before. And I knew he loved me - he showed me in everything he did and he also told me the same night I told him... But this was the moment we knew we were going to be together for eternity. There is not a single person I'd rather have by my side right now, or ever, than him!
My life changed forever 6 years ago today, and I'm so grateful!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Precoa Spotlight

Eric was spotlighted on the Precoa employee directory website today so I figured it'd be a great time to spotlight him here too and talk about what he does!
If you have a problem, Eric is the guy to call. From computers to phones to door locks to office layout, Eric coordinates it all! As the IT Coordinator and Assistant Systems Admin, Eric works hard to ensure that everything functions as it should and runs smoothly. Eric is friendly to work with and supportive as he helps employees maneuver through frustrating computer glitches. He has an extensive knowledge of software and hardware -- and how to make sure those two are talking! He makes sure the conference rooms and employees' desks have the equipment and functionality they need to pursue their ambitions. Eric specializes in effective programs to make sure that the IT Support Team is able to meet your needs quickly and confidently. He is always managing a project to make the team, and Precoa, better!

People ask where Eric works and I always get weird looks when I say that Precoa is a marketing company for funeral homes. To be honest, I don't know how else to describe it. Precoa provides training and counselors to funeral homes to help patrons pre-plan, pre-arrange, and pre-pay for their funerals. Sounds dark, but it really isn't. Think of the misery that you save your family when you pass away if they don't have to worry about arrangements and all they have to do is grieve! It is such a valuable service and I am so glad Eric is a part of a company that is bettering lives!

Eric makes sure the company keeps running, haha. If something goes wrong in the field, he's who they call. If hardware goes down, software malfunctions, or projectors aren't connecting to laptops, Eric goes in to solve the problem. He is the coordinator when the office layout needs to change and he drafts up the plans of where the cubicles will go, what kind of rewiring needs to happen, and all the costs - then he makes it happen! He works on requisitions for new supplies and works with vendors to find the best deals. He creates indepth analyses of department needs in the projected future to help the VP's make the most of their budgets.

One of my favorite things to hear about when Eric comes home are the projects he is initiating to make company life better. Anywhere from ways to get information out more effectively to helping the IT Support Team that he coordinates run faster to meet the needs of the other employees... Eric always has a project that he is working on.

Yes, yes, I'm bragging a bit ... but really, can you blame me?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our January So Far

After cleaning his room, Aaron informed me that he and Audrey had packed their "things," climbed aboard a pirate ship (the chair), and are now sailing for "North Arctica." Also, every night for a week starting Dec. 31, Aaron would declare at 6 pm that it was late and they needed to get ready for bed. Audrey was all for it each night - one night in particular she was so ready she fell asleep instantly! Each night that week the kids were in bed before 6:30 - amazing! After that, they went back to 7:30.
 There are so many reasons to love this picture! 1. My faithful hubby always does the dishes! 2. Adelynn wants to help ... just as both of my other kids did too. In fact, here's the other two, too! (of course I snapped Audrey's of just her and not with Eric's legs... *facepalm*)
Audrey: "Hey Mama. We sleeping!" (it started with just Audrey and Elsa - but Aaron happily joined in)
 I was cold so Eric got me a blanket - he was proud of the placement and took a picture... Also, Audrey still looks for Reindeer...
 We went to visit Eric's other mother, Jean Wiggins (Zach's mom) and Audrey promptly collapsed on the floor and fell asleep. Bruce, the dog, was intrigued and struck a similar pose. She made us a cobbler with ice cream. 
Aaron: Look, Mama, I mixed it! Me: ...Are you going to eat it? Aaron: No. If I do, I'll turn into a dragon...
 I think it's pretty obvious who was interested in the Superhero Show we were watching... 
Also, Eric and I have been having fun playing Pandemic prepping to play Pandemic Legacy!
 Jake came over for a little Star Wars games but he and Eric also played with the kids :)
Eric sat Aaron down and explained how instructions work - he walked him through a few parts and Aaron has done the rest from there! He's loving it!
 Audrey - the master snack snatcher!
 Audrey surprises me daily with the new things she's learned and her desire to be a big girl. She has talents and abilities that I didn't teach her and never expected a child as small as her to possess!
Today she, as always, did amazing at the dentist and I couldn't help but let her pick out 3 puzzles instead of 1. We sat down to do the puzzles and she instantly grabbed pieces saying, "FIA! FACE!" and put them together correctly! I was blown away! I sat beside her prepared to help, but she basically did the puzzle on her own! Way to go kiddo!
And that's where we're at now! I'm loving every . single . second I get to spend with my little family!
It isn't always perfect, and we all have our meltdowns, but boy do I love them all!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kind Gestures

I love the sweet things my kids do for me.

Aaron was eating cashews and after putting 2 together thought it looked like a heart. So he called me over and said, "Mama, it's a heart, for you! Heart equals love!" So sweet! He also has become obsessed with Mother's Day? He has been gifting me his cars a few times a week to say, "Happy Mother's Day!" Audrey came in wanting to perform a check-up on me as she saw me lying down. After she finished, I told her I was just tired and needed a nap. She grabbed the towel she had used in the shower and laid it on me, patted my head, and told me to rest. It was so cute!

 I had fun leaving this for Eric to find one day.

I wanted to have a "romantic meal" with Eric. I prepped the meal and Eric suggested instead of eating at the table, I bring it upstairs after. I made some steaks, grilled some peppers and onions, whipped up homemade potatoes and gravy, and headed upstairs to find he had lit candles, placed them in a circle for us to eat in, and brought up a video of a fireplace for us to watch as we ate. How cute!
 I was up late with the kids and woke up to find notes all throughout the house - on my XBOX controller, the kids rooms, the dishwasher, the bathroom mirror ... you name it! It was so sweet of Eric to take the time to write and place them all! 
Eric also picked these up for us to enjoy after he had to stay late at work. The are Olive Garden's Italian Donuts. Haven't had them? Why not?!? Get going ... now!
Eric truly is an unsung hero - despite whatever hard day he may have, he's still ready and willing to help when he comes home. I had a frustrating encounter (tears sort of encounter) with insurance today, a particularly bad day for him - but he immediately called them to sort it out for me anyway. He does so much for people at work that goes unnoticed or unrecognized since he's on a support team and what he does is expected - but really, no ones can do it like he does!
Keep at it darling - you're absolutely amazing!