Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hospital Visit

So ... back on January 23rd (yeah, I'm a bit behind), I was in the hospital for migraines. They thought I might have meningitis or burst blood vessels in the brain or something equally dreadful... I was going to do a whole post on the experience, but I thought it would be better (and shorter) to simply tell you what I learned:

  • Husbands know you better than you know yourself. When I called Eric and asked him to come home from work to simply give me a blessing and then he could go back, he got someone to cover his presentation and took the rest of the day... he knew I would need him for longer.
  • NEVER, EVER allow a pediatric nurse to attempt an IV... ever. It won't work. After 5 huge disasters and a bruise that covers the entire hand from all of the digging, just say NO! (Thanks for making them stop Eric!) Oh, and if they blame it on you, it isn't you, it is them... since the person who actually knows what they are doing can get it in faster than you can feel the needle enter your skin.  Get a phlebotomist to get the needle in or better yet, if you can, get an EMT!
  • Ambulance rides aren't as cool as they appear (yes, they made me ride in an ambulance). I would have been more comfortable with Eric...
  • If the doctor says she will order you medication and it isn't there in 10 minutes, send someone to check on it... and check on it every 10 minutes for the next 2 hours (yes, that is how long it took). If the nurse says the doctor ordered nothing, make her check again, because it is there! (Thanks Eric for making the nurse check again!)
  • If the morphine helped, I wouldn't still be crying, would I?
  • If I had my vision and balance, would I seriously ask for help to the bathroom? No.
  • If the lights are off and you don't need them on, leave them off! If I have a towel on my face to block the light and you don't need to see my face, don't take it off me! (silly technicians)
  • Nurses do not pick up on subtle humor or sarcasm. They kept giving me strange looks when I asked if I was being a good girl and if I could get a popsicle or a sticker or a cookie for my good behavior.
  • Some people have high pain sensitivity. This does not mean they are wimps, it simply means they feel more than the rest of you. Respect them!
  • If one dose of numbing solution doesn't work, and then two doses doesn't work, it isn't the needle you are using for the darn spinal tap, it is YOU! Switching the needle and thus upping my poke count to 12 won't help!
  • If your wife is going on all day how she deserves a cookie, be the awesome husband you are and search every crevice and vending machine you find until you come across a ginormous cookie and then she will love you forever. (again, thanks Eric!)
  • If you have a husband, take them with you, they fight for you! If you don't, get married before going to the hospital... trust me on this one! After the hospital, Eric stopped by multiple fast food restaurants to get me my specific requests and made me comfortable. He took the next day off as well. Definitely worth it to get a husband!
p.s. They looked and looked and nothing serious was to be found. So, I simply am working to manage the migraines... o_O
**This is not meant to offend any nurses. I'm sure there are great ones out there... they just weren't working the shift when I crashed!**

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Proposal

Three years ago today, Eric proposed to me in Portland!  

We rode the tram up to the hospital and back down for the view

We walked along the harbor and pretended to feed the ducks. Apparently, my ring almost fell out of Eric's pocket and into the bay!

We had dinner at the Three Degrees restaurant and visited Powell's Bookstore.

We ate a dessert and listened to Jazz at Jimmy Mac's where the poor waitress told me congratulations... though there was nothing to congratulate yet... oops

When he finally popped the question at the Portland Temple, all I could muster out was a squeak of a sound that was similar to "yeah."
I have counted myself the luckiest girl ever since!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Funny Story

Before I can tell you the funny story I need to give you a few background details:

  1. One of our New Year's Resolutions was to have Aaron help us clean his room every night before bed. We did good for an entire month, but then ...
  2. We had an offer accepted on a house! We close in less than 30 days (it was 45 when we were accepted) and we are SO excited! 
  3. We are trunky. Me more than Eric... I've reached a point where I struggle to have the desire to clean Aaron's room because, well, we're moving! Why put it away when I'm just going to have to pack it... (I know, we have a ton of time left and this is a terrible way of thinking)
So, on to the funny story...

Lightning McQueen has been missing for a few days. Literally, days. Eric and I have searched everywhere for this guy!!! All of Aaron's known hiding places, under everything, everywhere... but we haven't been able to find him. Everytime we ask Aaron where he is, he replies, "I don't know" and shrugs his innocent little shoulders.

Finally, I began to run out of distractions... Aaron, "Lightning?" Me, "Look at the lights!" seriously, that is what it had come down to, and he just wasn't being distracted anymore. This could only mean one thing ... I had to clean Aaron's room. I had to find that stupid amazing little car.

So today, I finally buckled down and cleaned his room... and after getting everything off the floor, I decided I might as well vacuum. While I was vacuuming, Aaron comes running to me screaming, "LIGHTNING!" Ready to disappoint him, I turn and see him with Lightning McQueen in his hand... WHAT THE HECK? I asked Aaron where he got him and he shrugged his innocent little shoulders and said, "I don't know." 

Good grief...

So, since my cleaning was completely pointless, I am going to post pictures of his room so I can take pride in having cleaned it ... o_O

We got Aaron a new bed, as you can see. He kept falling out of the crib and we need to give him time to get used to a new bed before the new baby comes and steals the crib... We got a twin size comforter since there isn't a toddler size that comes on it's own - it is expensive and comes with a bunch of stuff I don't need... *sigh* But this one will carry through to the next bed at least :)
I guess it wasn't all for nothing ... Aaron absolutely loves playing in his room now!!! And he loves to just lie in the stuffed animals. So cute - laying there in his PJ's!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines' Celebration

I love Valentines' Day. I really do... It isn't that Eric and I aren't affectionate every other day of the year. It isn't that Eric doesn't surprise me with fun random gifts. It isn't that we need a day to celebrate our love, but boy is it fun to have one!

I started out the day taking some fun photos of Aaron. I love having a chance to dress him up!
Will you be his Valentine?
 This one is my absolute favorite!!!

In the evening, I made our traditional Chicken Parmasean dinner and Aaron graciously hid in his room while we ate. (I promise he had fun playing with his toys in there) Aaron has always gotten jealous when Eric kisses or hugs me (He doesn't like to share... at all) and so Valentines' Day in particular upset him.  We wanted to take some photos and before we were allowed, we had to take some with Aaron, haha.

Isn't this one funny?  He wanted in the picture but suddenly he wasn't happy about it...

Then we got to take some of us

We had fun exchanging our gifts - Eric got me a sleeping mask to help with my migraines and he came in looking like a stud, with these :)
A little while ago, Eric showed me some fun headphones that he fancied. But seeing as he had just gotten a headset and gotten me one as well, a third didn't make sense. Well, they were awfully cool... so I decided to turn my headset into the one that he liked for a gift. I also got him a board game expansion. When we crawled in bed, Eric offered me a bedtime snack, of CHOCOLATES! yum!

Friday evening, we had a date planned. We dropped off Aaron at our friends' and drove to Bridgeport Village. We walked around a few shops, read love poems in Barnes & Nobel **note - they are more entertaining than they are lovey dovey** and had dinner at PF Changs. After dinner, we had received word that Aaron wasn't doing so well (he has become very attached to me and still has a sensitive gag reflex that causes him to throw up when he gets upset) so we cut our date short and stopped by Burgerville for shakes on our way to pick him up. Suddenly, I turned to Eric and said sadly that we hadn't taken any photos! He then pulled out his phone and I expected him to allow us to take some photos, but instead he showed me some "stalker" photos he had taken of me while in one of the shops.

After he showed me, we took some of our own there in the car. Surprisingly, we were so in sync that we made the same faces at the same time...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Is How We Superbowl


  • I secretly wished I would get invited to a superbowl party so that I could make some fun food...
  • I did not get invited to a party so we turned on the superbowl simply so we could fit in with the rest of America
  • This was my first pro game that I have ever watched and as such, my first superbowl
  • Half-time was more of a peek into a stripper club than a show
  • Aaron really likes to watch football
The day was quite an adventure. It started with us going to the baby blessing of my niece, Annie. When we got there, Mark & Ane pulled up right after us. Once Aaron saw them, he couldn't wait to get out of the carseat... Like, literally couldn't wait. He practically dove out and got very angry when he realized he was stuck...

After the blessing, like I said earlier, we turned on the game to simply fit in with society... And we did laundry. Eric thought this was hysterical, took a picture and requested I post about it:
The good thing about having to use a laundry facility, you can do 7 loads at once...
The bad thing is that sometimes you don't have the energy to finish... I totally curled up and fell asleep before we finished folding all the clothes.

Eric and Aaron played hockey on his phone during the game - we were obviously very interested...

After climbing out of his crib 6 times when we put him down for a nap, we had to convert Aaron's crib to a bed...
This is where he actually slept... cute kid 

After his nap, we learned just how into football Aaron is...

Neither Eric nor I was yelling at the TV... we were hardly watching, but apparently football is in Aaron's blood (Eric was a football player in Middle/High School) because he knew exactly what to do when watching football - yell at the TV...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Aaron's Climb

Eric video taped the computer as Aaron climbed out of the crib :)
He is fast - darn it... haha