Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cakes and Pumpkins

Last year, I decided I wanted to decorate a "Halloween Cake"
Eric and I created this spider to satisfy that urge.

I thought it would be fun to do another cake this year.
I'm not as proud of it but I think we had more fun doing it...
A monster!

We also carved pumpkins this weekend.

Last year we carved pumpkins we grew ourselves.
They were small so we made one a head and the other a body - super cute.

This year we got big pumpkins from the store. 
From left to right you have:
Drew and Kirsten's pumpkin
Aaron's pumpkin (carved by Eric)
Eric's pumpkin
My pumpkin
I like how a lot of the flaws are hidden when you turn off the lights. :D
(I'm obviously talking about my pumpkin)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Line of Hair Product!

I am marketing a new line of hair product. Tell me what you think:

The solution to all your hair problems!

This incredible formula is all natural!
Every bottle is hand crafted in the stomach of a lovely baby.

Do you have dry brittle hair? Does it break off instead of growing?
Try SPIT UP!!!

Is your hair greasy? Is it completely unmanageable?
Try SPIT UP!!!

Do you have frizzy hair that refuses to lay flat?
Try SPIT UP!!!

  Take a look at this happy customer! Clearly, she loves the product!
After she tried it, she took her 3rd shower of the day!

We are having a one time only promotion!
Enter the code: i<3mybaby 
at checkout and receive %5 off your entire order!

The Parable of the Toys

Sarah at Sarahndipities wrote this for her kids and I thought it was hysterical. I thought I'd share it.
p.s. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should!
"Therefore, let me write somewhat concerning the parable of the toys.  

Yea, it came to pass there lived in a pleasant valley a father and a mother and their children.
Yea, and the mother loved her children; and they brought her much joy, and she was well pleased with them.
And the children did have many toys, and they did go forth and did play much in the home, for that is what children do.
Yea, and as the night drew near the mother came unto them and spake unto them, saying,
“Oh, my children!  Thou dost bring me much gladness and joy!  Yea, and thou art good children, therefore, go ye throughout the house and gather all thy toys, and put them away herewith that ye may come and partake of thy dinner which I hath prepared for thee.”
And the children went forth, and as they began to gather to themselves the toys strewn about, the one saith to the others,
“Let us play a little longer, and our mother will not mind.”
And it came to pass that they didst continue to play, and did not gather their toys.
And their mother came unto them again saying,
“Wherefore art my children, that they have left their toys strewn about, and gathereth them not?  Wherefore, I hath prepared thy dinner and I say unto thee, unless thou shalt gather thy toys and putteth them away, thou shalt not have thy dinner.
“Yea and I also say unto thee, that if thy toys are not gathered, my wrath shalt be brought down against thee, and thy toys shalt be numbered, and great shall be the fall thereof.  Yea, and I say unto thee, if I must gather thy toys for thee, thou shalt have them no more.
“Therefore, go to and gather thy toys; and I shall stay thy dinner a little while longer."
And it came to pass that the children went forth once more to gather their toys.  And as they began to put them away, they letteth a few fall by the wayside, and one saith to the others,
“Our mother will not mind that we let a few of the toys be left on the floor, therefore, let us hurry to dinner!”
And it came to pass the children came to dinner.
And their mother, seeing them draw nigh, saith unto them, “Oh, my children!  Hast thou done all that I have asked of thee, and hast thou gathered thy toys, that they cumber the ground no more?”
And the children saith unto her, “Yea.”
And their mother saith unto them, “Show me, my children, all that thou hast done.”
And the children began to tremble, for behold they had left some their toys by the wayside, and hadst not put them away.
And the Mother saw that all the toys had not been put away, and that some of the toys did lie on the floor still; and her wrath began to be kindled.
And it came to pass that the mother came unto them, and she spake unto them in a loud voice, saying,
“Oh my children!  Thou hath been untruthful, and thou hast not gathered thy toys, that they cumber the ground no more.  Therefore, said I, that if I must gather thy toys for thee, thou shalt have them no more.  Yea, and I will verily toss them aside into the pit of refuse, that they be not left to create stumbling blocks for thy father and myself.  Yea, and thou hast been warned against such things, but thou heedest not.  Therefore, I shall gather thy toys and they shall not be left upon my floor any longer.”
And the children cried out with much weeping, and wailing and gnashing of teeth; but the mother heeded not the plea’s of the children, and the toys which remained were swept aside, and were tossed into the pit of refuse, and their days upon the floor were numbered.
Therefore my children, when thy Mother calleth unto thee, and asketh that thou shalt gathereth thy toys up, see that ye doeth these things quickly that thy Mother’s wrath be not kindled against ye, and that thy toys may be long upon the land. "

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Hate Shopping...

I think I'm a hermit... really, I do. I find that I don't like to leave my house. Once I'm out, I'm fine, but getting up the gumption to go is often hard.

This does not apply to shopping (food shopping... not clothes shopping. I like that kind). Even once I get out, I'm not fine. I hate going to the grocery store. I have no idea why... Especially if it's raining. (I know, once I move to Oregon, I'm doomed.) There is something about running to your car in the rain with a cart full of now wet groceries and a wet baby. Ugh.

Today I had to go shopping for food. I've put it off for over a week claiming to be doing a "clean out the cabinet" stint. But I really needed to go. I planned to only go to Smiths, but they didn't have my Lactose medicine. (I was also looking for a funnel but they didn't have that either.)

The store with my medicine was Shopko so I thought I'd do my Costco shopping too since they are close by. So I finish with Costco and go to Shopko to find that they don't carry the medicine anymore, I had to go to Walgreens. After I leave it occurred to me that Shopko would have had a funnel for me but I didn't want to go back - I can continue to survive funnel-less.

So I get to Walgreens where it does occur to me to look for a funnel and they don't have one. But they had my medicine. Yay.

Then I was going to go to the craft store to get supplies for Christmas presents but I forgot my coupon (dang, the one store I would have enjoyed going into).

I finally am home and am putting away the groceries and realized that one of the main things I went to Costco for, I had forgotten... FORMULA! So, I tried to put Aaron back in his car seat which REALLY didn't work - he got VERY mad at me... so, since I knew my mother was out and about, I called her and asked her to get it. Childish, I know - but THANKS MOM!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

Aaron rolled over today! He's done it before but I've always prepped him to roll... this time, I laid him on the couch for a nap. He'd fallen asleep on me and the coffee table was positioned in such a way that I couldn't get to the crib. He slowly woke up and I sat in the rocking chair and was watching the"I'm A Mormon" video featuring Brandon Flowers, the lead singer for The Killers.

I looked over at Aaron and he was on his back! I had laid him on his stomach for his nap!

I rolled him back to his stomach and went for the camera. By the time I got to him again he'd rolled back onto his back!

So I sat beside him for a good 15 minutes waiting for him to do it again, camera recording... but he decided he didn't want to again. He was too interested in looking at the camera.

So I retreated to the rocking chair to video tape from afar and got 15 more minutes of footage consisting of him staring at his hands...

Finally, he decided to roll over! Don't worry, I cropped the footage to only give you the climax. ;)

My mother informed me that my older sister learned to crawl at 4 months and that I came out of the womb knowing how to roll over. I am SO glad Aaron is slower than that. The Lord made certain creatures come out knowing how to walk (take deer for example)... can you imagine if our children knew that stuff? I'd go CRAZY! As it is, I laid him on the floor and caught him lifting his hips in the air and scooting! What am I supposed to do now???
Soon he's going to be driving a car!!!  (Or in this case... the Trolley from Chuck-e Cheese)

Family Home Evening

Eric had a very cool lesson for FHE last night. He read an entry from his journal and then handed me a post-it note. He asked me to write down all the things that are white in the world and I had 30 seconds. For some reason I couldn't think of many things. Then he said to only write things that can be found in the fridge and suddenly my pen started flying. He then paraphrased Mother Teresa when she said that when she looks at the masses she doesn't know how to help, but when she looks at an individual, she knows how to help. he talked about focusing our efforts so that we can get more done. 

I saw these cute things on the Roberts Arts and Crafts Blog and just had to make them! But then I thought... perhaps Eric would like to make one too!  So for our FHE activity tonight, we made candy baskets together.

Eric made the adorable spooky Vampire and the Spider is mine. :D


Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, children had to hold crayons to be able to color... but not anymore!

Aaron saw Eric using the tablet and started reaching for it. We had him look at it and he would lean in close to see all the different apps - it was really cute. Then we opened an app called "Kids Doodle" to see what he would do.  Here is the result:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aaron's First Real Laugh

My Addictions

So, I realized that practically all of my posts recently have been about Aaron or my crafts... so this is a non-baby non-craft related post. Aren't you proud of me?

I considered doing a post with updates about our lives, but really... there isn't much to tell. Eric's doing great in school. He's not only staying on top of his assignments, but doing them weeks in advance - go Eric! I spend my days taking care of Aaron. He has a habit of taking a bunch of little cat naps throughout the day instead of a few long naps so what I get done has to be done quick. He doesn't like the carseat so shopping trips also have to be quick. Mostly we just play around on the floor.

Since I didn't have much to say in the way of updates, I thought I'd tell you about my addiction love! TV. I know what you're going to say - that's a terrible addiction love but Aaron watches with me and occasionally, so does Eric.
I have 4 shows that I follow right now. The Big Bang Theory (Eric watches this one with me), Castle, Bones (technically the new season doesn't start till next month, but I'm counting it anyway), and Psych.

Eric and I love to watch The Big Bang Theory. The show is about 4 scientists and their friend Penny who ... is ... well, not a scientist. I have a love/hate relationship with this show though... While it is hysterical, there is a character that is on the show every once in a while named Amy whom I despise. She makes the show get a little out of control...

Castle is probably my favorite show right now. It's about a mystery novelist who gets involved with the police department and helps solve crimes.

Bones is a show about a forensic anthropologist who helps solve murders and Psych is about a guy who pretends to be psychic in order to help solve crimes. (Can you tell what kind of shows are my favorite? Comedy crime solving shows!)

Today, Aaron was crying so I thought I would sing to him. I have a normal list of songs I pick from but none of them were coming to mind and he was crying so hard! So I started singing the first song that popped into my head: "Soft Kitty." Not only did Aaron calm down but he seemed to be trying to sing with me and he started beaming! (Can you guess the show?)

3 Months! Can You Believe It?

 This little guy seems like he's been in my life so much longer than 3 months, and yet it is hard to believe he is actually 3 months already!!!

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry... Aaron isn't exactly known for holding still...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

House of Crazies!


Yesterday, Eric and I were out doing the last bit of yard work for the season. He was mowing the lawn and I was trimming our rose bush down. I was hacking away when Eric called "Sweetheart!" I assumed I was in his way, which I was, but it wouldn't have mattered if I had moved because a duck was in his way too!

I'm totally not kidding here folks... our neighbors have a duck and that duck loves our yard more than its own. In fact, the other day, Eric and I were headed out to go do errands and that duck plopped down in front of our car and wouldn't move - we couldn't get out without going and getting the neighbors to come grab their duck.

I'm not sure what that duck is eating... It certainly didn't like the bread I brought out - 
must be because it was whole wheat. ;) That duck just pecks around the yard and 
finds something to nibble on.

So, I decided I wanted to see how Aaron would react to the duck. At first he was intrigued, but then, like any little boy, decided it wasn't worth his time. The duck would quack and Aaron would smile and look at the duck. But it didn't last long.

Look What I Made!

I'm not sure what has gotten into me lately... but I'm going on a crafting spree!!!

These mummies are vases and jars covered with toilet paper.
Don't you just love the candles inside?
I got the frame at Aaron's baby shower.
I painted it black, cut out the "mat", and added the paper behind it.
I then drew on the glass.
(It's a little dark, but it says Trick Or Treat)

 I made the blocks a while back at a Relief Society activity... but that's not what I wanted to show you.
I made this cute pumpkin from a flower pot! :D

The sign was fun. I took a card from my grandparents and cut out the flowers/leaves.
I printed the words and cut them with an exacto knife.
And then glued it all to a pretty piece of paper.
 (The cornucopia is from my old roommate... I think they go well together)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Great Boys

I have the most amazing husband in the world. The absolute best. Sorry ladies, you'll have to just accept the fact that you'll only have the second best. Go ahead and cry about it... you'll get over it, I'm sure.

I also have the most amazing baby - look at these cute pictures! How can you dispute that with me...?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Honest Opinions Please!

Ok - it was a rainy day today and I kinda got bored... as you can all see, that is a potentially bad idea.

First, I did some crafts. (I don't need your opinion on the "BOO" sign... I already am proud of that and know it is cute!) I made this sign using fabric scraps, foam pads, a wreath that I had in the back and a pompom with ribbon behind it to make a spider. I had found several wreaths online that I wanted to make but realized that I didn't have all of the materials to make any of them - so I combined the ones I liked to create this beauty!

Here is the first thing I need your opinion on... I made these pumpkins and I can't decide if I like them outside or not. They were easy to make. Just grab a toilet paper roll (for the big one) and the cardboard roll that holds ribbon (for the little ones), wrap batting around them and grab some fabric. Shove the fabric into the hole and voila!  A pumpkin. (For those who wish to make these - if you burn yourself with the hot glue, Google whether to pull it off right away or to wait... I kinda waited and it ripped my skin off... no bueno! Not sure if I should have done it instantly or if I should have waited longer...)

I know these can't sit by themselves outside so I spray painted an animal crackers container and a baby wipe container for them to sit on... what do you think?

Here's the whole ensemble.

The second opinion I need is my hair... I was doing my hair and thought it would be fun to have bangs... I already had "swoop" bangs but I thought perhaps it might look good to have the ones that go all the way across the forehead.  Now that I have them, I can't decide if I should keep them or let them grow out and pray they grow fast... (NOTE: I am not asking for an opinion on my terrible bathroom mirror picture taking abilities. I already know they are amazing!)

 If you need any of the pictures bigger to see better, just click on them and they'll open up enlarged.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hanging Out With Mama!

 Today Aaron and I watched the new episode of Castle before going to the store.
 We used headphones so we didn't distract Eric while he did homework.


For Aaron, going to the store is exhausting so he decided to opt out of helping me make dinner. 
Apparently he was REALLY tired because he didn't even wake up
when I used the food processor to make green pepper chip dip!

Monday, October 3, 2011

... Why I Can't Leave Aaron On The Bed By Himself ...

Yes, this is a picture of him having scooted off the bed and 
falling between the bed and folded futon mattress...
Yes, I pulled him back out to take the picture...
Yes, I was with him the whole time...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Interacting With Himself

Aaron was super fussy but once I started playing videos of himself, he calmed down... Strange child.

This first video is him talking to a video of himself. (The video he's watching is this one)

This second video is him reacting to a video of Eric playing with him. It seems like he's trying to mimic what he's doing in the video. (The video he's watching is this one)

Saturday, October 1, 2011