Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trip to Utah - The Drive

We are sooooooooooo excited to be in Utah, but the drive sure was fun! I loved all the time I got to spend with Eric! We had planned to leave around 6pm on the 18th, but on the 17th, Eric and I were both so excited, we thought perhaps around 3 instead? And then in the morning, we both decided that whenever I was ready, we would go!
I wanted to add Audrey's hand prints to Eric's shirt before we left since it is one he set out to wear on the trip. She didn't like this very much ... but after that was done and the packing was done, I was ready!
So at 1:30, I left the house to pick Eric up from work. We then went to the store and headed out!

We stopped by Costco to pick up lunch. Aaron kept telling me we "need to go fast!" I told him we were going fast. He replied "need to go faster! Gotta see Papa!" I told him we were heading to Utah and he put the pieces of the puzzle together. Either the excitement or his hot dog wore him out though as he fell asleep pretty quick.

Eric drove until about 4am Utah time and I drove the last 2 hours. I knew it was time to switch when he said, "I'm getting funny..." meaning his vision was becoming strange.  We knew we reached Utah when the speed limit changed to 80mph and yet people were still speeding past us, the freeway opened up to 6 lanes, but at the beginning, construction blocked all 6 lanes and we were directed to drive in the shoulder, and there was traffic at 4am. Aaron and Audrey were pretty good during the drive. We didn't need to stop and let them out at all, which was nice.

At one point, Aaron woke up rather cranky. I turned to him and whispered, "go back to sleep." He gave me a look and then grumbled right back, "go back to sleep..." Touche kid ... Touche.  He would also periodically say, "we here!" as if that would make us get there faster. He was definitely excited! Here are a few other photos from the drive...

Accidental product placement...
 Oregon is so gorgeous!
Aaron stayed entertained playing with cars, coloring, watching movies on the tablet and of course, sleeping - the whole reason for driving through the night... I think this car-seat tray might have been a life saver for the trip! As were the movies from Papa!

Audrey could not have been better on this drive! Every once in a while she needed her binkie put back in and a bottle, but she hardly cried at all and rarely needed attention! Way to go baby girl! 

When he was awake, Aaron would request that, "Mama sit by you?" so he could "hold hand?"

Now we are here and it is time to sleep!

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