Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miscellaneous March

Here are some other, random, pictures from this past month!

Adelynn is working REALLY hard on climbing out of her "crib" - her actual crib is packed up, so this is where she's sleeping these days. Crazy kid...

Aaron's creativity and dexterity continues to amaze me. I love the structures he builds when he puts his mind to it! He's so tough on himself sometimes, so it's nice to see him proud of what he's done!

 I moved quiet time to the morning and that is the time that I allow their media devices. In the afternoon is when we/they play and we/they get chores done. We ALL are loving the tablets we got them for Valentine's Day. They come with amazing games, fun videos, and are easy for the kids to navigate. Win - win - win!
Adelynn is also hooked on media - and will do whatever it takes to see it - even Dota!
I feel like I have to do another shoutout to my grandparents, GP and Grammy.
My kids LOVE the magazines they get each month!
We have learned that Adelynn loves chocolate! I shared my candy bar with her and now, I can't help but feel that when she looks at me, she does so with a bit more love behind her eyes!
I know kid, it's hard to go from chocolate to banana berry medley ... to peas! 
You still gotta eat 'em, kiddo!
Good thing Adelynn has Audrey. "Adelynn, you my best friend, ever!" She then proceeded to pick the "ray-bows" out of her Lucky Charms and share them with her "best friend."
  ...speaking of chocolate...
Sometimes you make brownie batter, eat some, and bake brownies with the rest... And sometimes you make brownie batter, eat some, and store it in the fridge as you continue to eat it over a period of a few days... Both are acceptable, my friends.
 Poor Adelynn caught a bug ... on the up side, the snuggles were in abundance! 

So, Audrey is a bit obsessed with candy. Well, both kids are. Especially after Easter... Easter really killed us. Anyway, Audrey wasn't listening so I had to hide the candy. She paraded around the house with her hands cupped around her mouth, hollering, "CAAAAAAAAAAAAANDYYYYYYYYYY, WHERE AAAAAAAAARE YOUUUUUUU?"
When I explained that I'd hidden it, she was ... less than amused.
 We're not so sure about the whole *shoes* thing ... But, we kept them on, so, that's a start!
Cooking, make-up, hair, nails, doctoring ... this girl does it all! And I could stare at her cuteness forever!
 She even talks kindly! If I ask her to do something, she responds with, "Otay, Mama. I will." Often, she tacks on (of her own choice - I had to prompt it in the video) a bow with an adorable "Your Majesty!"
 She even loves trains!
Audrey: "Mama, surprise for you!"
Me: "Oh look, trains!"
Audrey: "TRAINS?! WHAT?!? hmmmmm" 
 This is how we "roll" ...  

 Oh ... Adelynn's teething, again. Want to know how I know?!
yeesh ... now, if she snuggles in for a hug, and her face goes toward my neck, I flinch and pull her back. Just in case. This has happened enough times that I would rather be safe than sorry!
Thank goodness she's cute!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Easter morning is always so much fun! Eric and I picked out the girls' dresses together back in January! It's been so hard to wait! And Aaron helped me make his bow-tie and the girls' bows. Fun, huh?
 We were at the store and Aaron asked if he could get a chocolate bunny. Good thing Eric's Grandma makes them each year, so his wish came true!
GP and Grammy sent some money with instructions to get jelly beans and chocolate eggs. I may or may not have purchased Dove Chocolate Eggs, so the kids never saw them... But they sure loved the jelly beans! Adelynn loved playing with Audrey's tablet while Audrey ate her jelly beans. Win-win!
  I attempted to get pictures this afternoon... It, well, went as all photoshoots with kids go. You win some, and you lose some. I'll show you the wins, first.
We're going to count this next one as a win - it's probably the best one we got of all 3 kids.
 ...aaaaaaaaaaaand now for the losses...
Adelynn and Audrey ... man, can they make some silly faces!
ok, ok ... most of the photos were losses, but these are the best of those losses!
I could laugh at these for days! I love these kids! We had a great time telling the story of the Resurrection and teaching the kids, once again, the true meaning of Easter!