Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aaron and Audrey Cuteness

Aaron and Audrey were quite cute today.
Aaron enjoys learning his numbers by playing Rummikub - he also enjoys coloring on his arms while at the grocery store...

 While Aaron was supposed to be napping, I heard him yell, "Hey Mama! Come help me drive!" I came in to find this - as he turned the bottom of the rocking chair, the whole thing would spin in a circle. What an imagination!

Aaron brought Audrey's chair over and asked me to put her down so they could "play." He proceeded to play peek-a-boo using the bugs to cover his face. Yes, he took her headband ... what older brother wouldn't?
Then ... Audrey had her first mega blow out (more than just a little leaking out the sides)
She had poop all the way up to her neck.
I'll spare you the gore and show you how happy she was after she got it all out :)
Such a cutie!

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  1. That was your first blow out? Lucky. I get like 4 of those a week. I don't know if Cade has abnormally strong abs or if I'm using terrible diapers or what... It's a weekly battle though. I have to do baby laundry twice a week.


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