Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Aaron's Talents:



Diaper Evasion!!!

 How does that even happen????

Getting all clean!

Yeah, he smiled through the whole experience...
as though it was a joke...
"haha, look what Mama has to do!"

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Friends!

Here is Aaron with his best friend Eli Bass. They don't know they are best friends yet, but I'm sure they'll pick up on it soon! :D

Monday, August 29, 2011


'But I don't want to go among mad people,' 
said Alice. 
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'
Lewis Carroll 

Even though it was a mad house, our family vacation was a blast!!!
It was definitely a sad time when we had to return home to Utah.

We flew out Tuesday, a day early so that we could hang out with our friends David and Emily and their son who is 5 days older than Aaron, Eli. I'll post pictures of Aaron with Eli when I get them from Emily.

 This is a picture of Aaron's first plane ride. He did great! He didn't even fuss.

The festivities didn't begin until Wednesday evening so Eric and I decided to go to the temple. When we got back we hung out in the living room with Jon and Amanda.

 Have you ever played, "Where's Waldo?" 
Well, this game is "Where's Aaron?"

Jon was playing music for Eric and I to guess. 
While the music was going, Aaron would dance. 
He would wiggle and move a ton, but once the music turned off, he would stop.

Thursday the boys went golfing and had a LAN party while the girls went shopping and got pedicures.  It is amazing how different of an experience it is to go shopping with other girls. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping with my husband, but it is very different and super fun to go with other girls and get opinions, etc. We were going to do a foot photo but never got around to it. My nails were quite fun - I did green with black "crackle" on the top. They look like marble. That evening we went and did the Cinetopia experience. It was a theater with screens bigger than IMAX.

We went swimming at a private pool on Friday.

I can't find the picture of it (it's on one of Mark's SD cards), but...
We managed to do a 3 person stack... 
Tyler standing, Eric sitting on his shoulders and me standing on top. Epic!

Not sure why I was making such an odd face...

Aaron really loved the water. He was content to just chill.

I had never used rapid fire before and I clicked it too early -
that's why Jon and Michael are still on the rock.

If you look close, you can see my hand reaching for Eric. 
We actually managed to grab hands before going under.

Saturday, the boys went golfing again while the girls got manicures.
We also did Family Photos.


This picture wasn't posed. 
I was just playing with Aaron and the photographer snapped a photo.
This is Aaron's cousin Thomas. They are 13months apart.

 Here's the whole family... 
I feel like my height doesn't fit in very well....

 couples - plus Rachel.

Saturday night we had a talent show. Aaron's talent was sleeping.
Sunday we did our own church service in the backyard before celebrating birthdays (Eric, Ane, Michael, and mine) with peach pie.

"I Love to See the Temple" 
Special Musical Number by the grandkids

Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Photos :D

I Love Weddings! Drinks All Around!!!

My little sister got married this past week... CRAZY!!! She's not old enough to get married! She's my baby sister!!! (Though I'm sure plenty of people said the same about me)

I love her to pieces and I love all the things she let me help with! I got to be a hair dresser (for the younger girls), shopping companion (jewelry and ties), fashion consultant (I got to pick out the bridesmaid dresses), make-up artist (I did her make-up), florist (I did ALL of her flowers), designer (I helped with the reception), and photographer (bridals)! 

She was so beautiful on her wedding day. I only have the unedited pictures of her that I took for her bridals (at 8:30 the night before the wedding... STRESS!!!) but I wanted to share how pretty she is!

Here are some photos from that day:

Laura may have murdered children to ensure she caught that bouquet... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Productive Week

I have had a super productive week, and I think it is all thanks to Eric. He gave me a great start!

Tuesday night was heaven! Eric let me lay down around 12 while he stayed up with Aaron. They came in around 2:30 because Aaron needed to be changed. This was apparently an adventure because Aaron decided to shoot a stream of pee straight into the air coating the bed and walls. I woke to Aaron crying and when I heard the story I congratulated Aaron on working on his distance – this comment earned me a very strange look from poor Eric who had experienced Aaron “working on his distance.” Eric fed him a bottle and then Aaron slept in his own bed till almost 8 in the morning. That is 8 hours of sleep that were virtually uninterrupted!!!
So Wednesday I decided it was time to find a crib… There are several reasons for this: 1. I often feed Aaron in my bed and fall asleep burping him which gives him the luxury of sleeping on my chest but gives me a terrible night’s rest – with a crib I can feed him in the rocking chair that is in the same room as the crib and then dump him back in bed. 2. When Aaron is in the same room with me I jump up at every noise – when he is further away I let him sort more things out on his own. 3. Though Tuesday night may have been a fluke, it was amazing so I think he’ll do fine in a crib. :D

I went on KSL and found a beautiful crib. I was in luck, the lady who owned it was headed to Orem that day and offered to drop it off to me. Amazing! A beautiful crib at a great price that was delivered right to my door!!!

So, once Aaron had finally fallen asleep and I had been sneaky enough to be able to lay him down (he wakes up and freaks out if he realizes you’re putting him down because he much prefers being held) I decided to rearrange the furniture to fit the crib.
I had to move the entertainment center a bit which made the TV look terribly offset. So I decided to turn the entertainment center around… I figured I could paint the unfinished edges and who would know the difference, right?
On Thursday, Aaron and I went to the store to find paint. When we got home, he didn’t want to nap but was content to just be close by… so he helped me paint! What child doesn’t like painting?

I am SO excited to have my changing table back (Thanks Amanda!). Atop the table used to sit the bassinet (also from Amanda) so we would change Aaron on the bed. This would cause problems when he would decide to ERUPT because then we would have to wash all of the bedding…

Now I just need to outfit my crib. I was planning when Aaron did nap on Thursday to sew a bumper pad and crib skirt out of old sheets that I have that are a similar color to his crib sheets… but my sewing machine decided to blow up. That’s right, blow up… The bobbin thread decided to bunch up and get caught in everything and sew absolutely nothing. Usually when this happens I simply take out the bobbin, rethread the machine and everything is good. But not on Thursday… so I still don’t have a bumper or crib skirt which may be a good thing because I don’t actually know what I’m doing. o_O I am fine for now without the crib skirt, but the bumper would be nice. Aaron is already trying to play Houdini and escape from the crib. I find him with his little arms and legs stuck through the poles trying to get out as he waits for me to get him and feed him. I don’t place him near the edge, by the way… he scoots over there all by himself. I will get a picture of this someday… but right now I find him like this in the middle of the night when he wants food so I have other things on my mind.
Our internet went out on Wednesday/Thursday because we are in transition between companies so Aaron and I have been trying to find means to entertain ourselves. We have been very good and have done LOTS of cleaning. We’ve even done some weeding.!

Today we went outside to read a book. It was a nice, cool 94 degrees. (well, cool for Utah… blech) But even that nice cool weather was too hot so we didn’t stay outside long. Besides, we planned to go to the pool later for my family birthday party!!!

Being the shortest of the bunch, I was on my tiptoes almost falling over.
We didn't last long after the picture.

Eric started dragging me to the deep end.
I yelled, "Anna! Save Me!!!" and she replied, "No."

 After the swim party we went back to my parents' house... it didn't take long for us to fall asleep.