Monday, April 30, 2012

A Day At Gramma's

Mark and Ane are out of town so naturally, I go use their washer and dryer. :D Aaron was determined to not take a nap so I spent the day following him around with the camera.

First, he searches the house for Gramma -- this is routine when we go to do laundry and she isn't there. Here he is searching upstairs.

Aaron loves to help with the laundry 

First he checks out the dryer...

then he crawls on top of the laundry (no, I did not put him there)

and goes back to looking in the dryer

Aaron loves to wave... but he will only wave at himself in the mirror.
In fact, it is the first thing he does when he sees himself... 
I've told this to people who try to get him to wave and 
I always get a look that says of course he does...n't ... so now I have proof
**note please excuse the orphan look... it's laundry day, no one ever looks good on laundry day**

Aaron always moves when I try to take a picture...
Imagine his head on the left side of this photo and you'll get what I thought I was getting... 
Instead, he ducked and I ended up with just me. 

At first, Coby (not actually sure how to spell his name) was lonely enough to even let Aaron pet him...
But that didn't last long

We took a trip outside to sit and look at Mark and Ane's AMAZING backyard.

And that was the end of our day at Gramma's house

Sunday, April 29, 2012

One of My Favorite Things

I was thinking the other day that I needed to post a few of my favorite things:

Aaron and the drums... Whenever Eric goes behind the drum kit Aaron has to go with him. T
he other day Aaron sat on Eric's lap for a good 20 minutes and after whacking Eric in the head many many many times Eric decided it was time to be done. 
So he sat Aaron down on the floor and Aaron started screaming! 
He wanted to play the drums some more!!! 
So naturally I run and scoop him up to let him keep playing, till I learn what it is like to get smacked in the head repeatedly. Then I was done too. 
He eventually was content to keep the sticks and bang on his high chair tray.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aaron and Maybe

These pictures are old, but way cute so I wanted to share them.

Aaron loves animals, an awful lot. He wants to play with them and doesn't understand why they run away.

Rachel's cat, Maybe was outside and Aaron went to the door. He and Maybe were playing where Maybe would put her paws on the window and Aaron would place his hands on her paws.  I forgot my camera so Ane snapped these with her iphone and then I played with them...

I have learned that taking a picture of a cat is just as hard as trying to take a picture of a mirror with your flash on... oh well.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Once upon a time ...

Back when Eric and I started dating there was another boy in our ward who wanted to date me (I was popular, what can I say ;} ). Let's call him Sergei.

Sergei had asked me 3 times to date him over the course of a semester. He was a very kind, very sweet boy, but not the boy for me.

The night Eric and I first held hands, we were sitting at my apartment. He was on one end of the couch and I was on the other. He reached across and found my hand and bridged the gap between us, gently stroking and playing with my hand as though it was a novelty.

While we were entranced with each other, a knock came at the door. I was in the habit of simply yelling come in and as I did not have any desire, whatsoever, to get up and leave this amazing gentleman by himself on my couch, that is what I did...

Well, in walked Sergei...

He had with him a tupperware container of homemade Baklava - his mother's recipe that has been handed down. For those who are unaware, Baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert. It is a long involved process to make this delicacy, especially if you are making it by yourself.  (Watch the Genie's song in Aladdin if you want more information) And Sergei had made some, for me.

Looking extremely awkward, he left the container and bolted. I felt a little bad for Sergei but was comforted in the fact that I had the man of my dreams sitting beside me, holding my and and causing my heart to flutter...

Later that evening, Eric and I wandered into the kitchen and found the treat... it looked delicious. Eric asked if we could have some and of course I said yes. I felt a little guilty eating it but as Eric tells it... it was the "taste of victory." 

Ever since, Eric has been itching to make Baklava (either to relive his victory or because it tastes amazing, I still don't know which...) and we finally did on Monday night!

And boy, did it taste good!
The Taste of Victory

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Last week in Elders' Quorum, the teacher challenged the men to take their families to the temple. Not just go to the temple with his wife, but to take the entire family and simply be on the grounds and visit the Visitor's Center.

It has been beautiful this weekend... every day in the 80's and we really wanted to take that challenge so on Saturday we went to the temple. Aaron loved the ... um ... fountain. :D

First we started by sprinkling Aaron's hands with the water...
But that wasn't enough for very long

Aaron had a LOT of fun in the water...

After the fountain, we walked back to the car to change Aaron's clothes before we went in the visitor's center

We set him in the grass while we grabbed his clothes and he really enjoyed just sitting there.

Then on Sunday it was again, gorgeous so we went outside.

We learned Aaron loves sitting on the grass so long as he has no desire to go anywhere...

If he wanted to move, he'd do his fake whine hoping we'd come get him...

Once he got to where he was headed, he was fine.

He slowly became more comfortable with the grass.

Aaron loves Mama's sunglasses...

He likes to take them off and then try to put them back on

Exploring Dandelions

An actual 4-Leaf Clover! I gave it to him and he tried to eat it... that's gratitude for ya!

Playing with Daddy

A cool pine cone

Then it happened... Aaron saw the squirrel

He wanted to go get the squirrel

Who wouldn't?  It's so cute!

So we went to chase it (look close for it's little head beside the tree root)

And it ran up the tree...

Then we went to the toddler park beside our complex

Aaron enjoyed the swings, but mostly he liked watching his shadow

Best seat in the house!

Aaron really loved the slide.
He learned very quickly how to scoot his bum and lean to send himself on down

We definitely enjoyed our weekend in the sun