Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fun Aaron Quotes

  • Aaron came in from playing outside to have this conversation with me:
    Aaron: I sad.
    Me: Why are you sad?
    Aaron: I can't fly ...
    Me *stifling a giggle*: Oh, that's ok. Daddy can help you fly later.
    Aaron *with his head down, heading back outside: Ok, I fly later...
  • Aaron playing with his tool set:
    Aaron: Mama, what's this?
    Me: Pliers
    Aaron: Oh, I gotta cook it
    I guess we need to get him a play kitchen
  • Eating his toast, Aaron neglected the crust. He asked for more and I told him he needed to finish his first piece first. I turned away when suddenly he says, "I finish!" I looked back and replied, "No you didn't ... you just moved your crust off your plate!" Nice try kid.
  • I put Aaron to bed the other night and as I left the room he proceeded to tell me his plans for the next day, "After nuh-nye I eat m&m's and watch little engine and play outside and see friends ..."
  • He has started adding, "NOW!" to everything for emphasis:
    "Mama, open the door  NOW!"
    "Daddy, look at me NOW!"
    "I eat dinner NOW!"
    While driving in the car: "Mama, we go fast NOW!"
    .. you get the idea. If it wasn't so cute I might get frustrated with how often he does it ... but it's simply cute.
  • While eating his toast today, Aaron tore it into two pieces; one big and one small. He then informed me that the big one was "Mac" and the small was "Lightning McQueen" and proceeded to have them converse with each other and drive around his plate "fast" - his favorite thing right now is to go "fast."
  • Today, Aaron said to me, "It MY birthday." (pointing to himself for emphasis) "Open presents?" ... he was not pleased when I informed him his birthday had already happened this year...

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