Thursday, June 30, 2016

The June Leftovers

Each month there is a leftover batch of pictures, videos, quotes ... and June is no exception.

He crawled into bed and fell asleep like this - and I love it!
My amazing man telling the kids stories while I finish my Dating Divas meeting! I guess it was a story about how he stole a blanket from me?! At any rate, the kids were giggling up a STORM!
 Still trying to figure out how Adelynn got ahold of the papertowels...
These kids play so well together. Adelynn's personality is shining through so strong - Aaron and Audrey love it. They play with her because they want to, not because I've asked...

 For Father's Day, the kids and I put together some fun gift baskets.

 This is why we can't have nice things...
We definitely love a good dance party over here!

It's after midnight and little boy is still up ... because he learned Audrey's birthday is next month (an entire month away) - so he was meticulously selecting toys from his closet to share with her. Then he needed a bag, and paper (couldn't forget that, apparently), and he wanted me to tell him how to spell her name for the card.

When he cares, he goes all out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Amazing Kids Make Amazing Adults

I just finished going through our Halloween costumes and moved on to the winter gear - when I found the little hats and mittens, I lost it. Like, big sobs... My kids are growing up, and it's breaking my heart.

Aaron stumbled across me, though, and sat in my lap hugging me for a little while. He asked what was wrong and I told him I am sad that he's growing up. He said he is sorry that he is growing up, but that he just has to do it. He said it's scary going off alone and finding your own friends, but he has to do it when he's a grown up, like his daddy. He said that he promises he'll come visit and we can have fun.

And then he asked if he could take his toys with. I told him yes and then he said that when he's a grown up, he's not going to sleep - he's going to play with his toys instead. Yes, when you're a grown up, you can make decisions like that.

That kid always makes me laugh - little goof. I'm still sad, but I'm excited for the memories we're going to make along the way. My Triple A are amazing kids, and they'll make amazing adults, too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy 6th!

Wow, it's been 6 years ... I can hardly believe it!

This year, our anniversary has fallen on a Sunday, while family was out of town. We just moved into a new home, and we are exhausted. So, we're spending today relaxing at home. Really, that's the extent of it. We're not going out on a date, just chilling.

We have the Dota 2 International coming up in August so we're counting that as our anniversary trip.

Since we simply relaxed all day, we don't have a picture of the two of us, haha. However I did take pictures of the gifts!

Eric selected a gorgeous rose (as always) and this year he also had a vase engraved - isn't it lovely?!

 Hearts that love are always in bloom
 Eric & Jessie 2016

I got Eric a copy of the book And then There Were None. It is the first book we read together. In fact, we finished it on our honeymoon in Cancun. I felt it was appropriate.
Here's to 6 happy years and many more to come!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

So, Lemme Tell Ya...

Now that I've sprung it on ya that we've moved ... lemme tell ya about our new home.
We got it for a steal. The previous owner moved in, excited to be in a family neighborhood. She's older, but not elderly by any means - but she got injured and checked into a nursing home, leaving her daughter to take care of the house payments. The daughter liquidated all of the accounts and ran off with the money. The owner just wanted to sell it quickly, and we were able to accommodate. 

It helps that the photos online were awful. I kept this home saved on my Zillow search - I removed it over and over, but figured I ought to add it back on. Literally for no reason (except for, ya know, divine intervention) - look at the pictures:
 There are a few other pictures, but they are mostly of the water heater, central vac system, and sprinkler system. I have no idea why they did that - but, I'm guessing that's why it didn't sell. We were in the area on Saturday, seeing a different house (one I had seen the day before, Friday, and was taking Eric and the kids to see) and I was notified the night before (thanks to my saved search) that the price had dropped, again. It became close to our price range so I asked if we could take a peek - why not? Well, voila. We fell in love. This isn't just a house, it's a home, and we felt it immediately.

So, I have taken some other "before" pictures to show you what the interior looks like, truly, since the listing pictures are ridiculously drab, tasteless, and are lacking in actual home footage. I'll do the "after" ones one day.

includes retractable screen door

Game Room 

 Craft Room
includes "secret lab" inside the closet

Butler's Pantry, Kitchen. & Dining Area

Master Bed, Bath, & Closet 

Downstairs Bathroom, Pantry/Linen Closet, & Coat Closet
not pictured - Laundry Room and Garage

Family Room



 Aaron's Room

 Girls' Room
includes view of hallway to Aaron's room

includes closet-esque shelves and 3 storage areas behind small doors

Kids' Bathroom & Hall Linen Closet


Do the Kids Love It? Yes, Yes They Do!