Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Review of August

Our realestate agent got us courtesy tickets to Street of Dreams and holy cow - they are amazing!
The other day, I was explaining missionary work to Aaron. He was flabbergasted as it dawned on him that not everyone knew about Jesus! "Mama, I want to tell everyone! I need to tell everyone about the temple and scriptures, that family is sealed forever, and that I am the prophet of God!" ... whoa there kiddo, slow down there. I think we need to get a few facts straight first.
Nothing like a rousing game of, "Audrey, you distract Daddy while I race past and score a goal!"
Nona sent Audrey a new sweater. She was quite excited!
We love the library we have in our home! Snuggles and books, can life get any better?
Triple A were hanging out getting ready to eat otterpops. They each got one and part way through, Aaron managed to tip his too far forward and the bulk of his sugary treat plummeted to the floor. Audrey did not hesitate. Though she had more than half of her otterpop left, she immediately held it out to her brother and said, "It's ok, Aaron. You can have mine!"
In a pinch, give this girl a glass of ice - she won't move till she's eaten it all!
Well ... Thank you for sharing your stickers, Audrey.
Adelynn's contribution to loading the dishwasher ... this other little beauty was also Adelynn ... But ya know what? She might be onto something - forward thinking. "Body lotion, the best carpet cleaner around." I can see it now...
Adelynn saw what Eric and I were eating for lunch and flipped because she was convinced we were eating bananas (her favorite food) and not sharing. Well ... now she knows it isn't a banana - and she's more ok with that concept than I expected. 
At Aaron's "back to school social" they made slime. He was nervous to interact at first, but once he started, he loved it. He's learning to engage and try even when he's nervous or scared. He's going to rock the whole "school" thing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At the Library

We went to our new library for the first time! We met up with Adriana and her daughters, Ellie and Madison. We're a little obsessed!
 We learned that we need to work with Adelynn on her "quiet voice" ... eeks

Monday, August 29, 2016


This little angel came to me and asked for string cheese. She didn't just ask for one, she asked for one for her, one for Aaron, and one for Adelynn. As I unwrapped each of them, she did not simply take the first or herself. First, she went over and said,"Yoo-hoo! Adelynn - here you go." She then took the second to her brother and, finally, the third for herself. 
This is not a rare occurrence, simply one that I had my phone nearby to document. This little lady is most tender child I have ever met - she's so giving and kind.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Weekend with Cousins

Tyler and Kelsey went on vacation and they were kind enough to share their kids with us!
Lucy took great care of little lady when she felt lonely amidst the chaos.
We had a picnic outside for dinner one night - they kids were eager to go play, so Adelynn had her pick of the plate ... and trust me, she tasted every single one, despite them all being the same meal, haha!
My nieces in my clothes, hair styled by me ... cutest little divas!
I had so much fun chatting with Lucy about Harry Potter, coloring, and crafting! A girl after my own heart!
Adelynn decided earlier this month that she wanted to participate in prayers too. As you can see in this picture, she folds her arms, sits quietly (mostly), and is very proud of herself at the end of the prayer.

Of course, we have to end with Rocket League! There is no better way!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rocket League

We love our new set-up ... We also love Rocket League!
When the kids woke up, they came in chanting, "rocket league, rocket league, rocket league...!!!" The condition was to empty the dishwasher before they could play. Audrey always empties the top rack and Aaron empties the bottom. This morning, Audrey was ... less than enthusiastic about her chore had to be sent to her room. She was, obviously, quite upset, so Aaron did her chores - that way she could come play. 

When in Rome...

... dig in with both hands and copy the locals. 
Adelynn is all about the dirt and sand now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It's About Time!

I received an ice cream machine for my bridal shower, and despite our best intentions, Eric and I had yet to use it, until now. We feel like our a void in our hearts has been filled - this is way better than store bought!
Everyone pitched in to help ... and boy was it good!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Guess What? We Have SPRINKLERS!

Imagine these photos sequentially and you'll get a glimpse of Adelynn's personality.

This may or may not have been the only time she went through the water... But, she makes a great cheerleader!