Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 ... man, what a crazy year. Lots of good but more struggles than we've ever faced. But I guarantee, we're stronger for it!
We decided to carry on the tradition of books for New Year's :)
Eric wasn't feeling well this year so we spent the evening at home. I ran out to the store to surprise Eric with eggnog but they didn't have any! So I called his dad and got the homemade recipe he makes each year (it's basically a glorified milkshake and it's fabulous). 
Eric found me making it in the kitchen and joined me in finishing it up. 
 Mmm, Happy New Year's to us!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Rest of December

I don't know why you continue to act surprised ... you should know by now I'll do a long photo post at the end of every month ;)
 All about those ornaments!
 These kids are expert cookie makers and expert snowflake decorators now! 
 They colored the paper that I used to make the snowflakes. 
 GP and Grammy signed my kids up for a Magazine subscription and they're loving it! This first one had a "hidden picture puzzles" section where they hunted down things like baseballs and combs amidst an image of kids sledding.
 Yeah - sometimes we decorate brownies, like a boss!
 I couldn't help but do a collage of all the silly faces Audrey made! 
 After we did our brownies, Tyler and Allyson came over. They all played LEGO's and parked their creations in the tree like Eric used to do as a kid. I took care of Adelynn and made my contribution later.
We made sleigh ornaments one morning. A&A loved picking their colors and struggled to have less than 12, ha-ha. I told them their max was 5 ... we eventually got there. They also loved making spyglasses!
 Aaron is getting so good at writing his name!
 Once we start a craft, it's very hard for Audrey to stop ... she could color and craft all day!
 The kids found the pool basketball hoop Melissa and Kenny gave us years ago when we lived in an apartment complex with a pool. A&A made up songs about working together as a team and kept giving each other high fives!

Aaron woke up and came to me to ask if I'd play with him for a bit. I agreed and we went in his room to play dinosaurs for a minimal amount of time (he *is* supposed to be asleep after all). I told him mine was named Ralph and asked what his dinosaur was named. "Siri" ... O_O As a radical Android supporter, this is concerning.

Audrey needed a nap one day, desperately (as in, she got up at 3am). So, joint quiet time with Aaron was out of the question. Upset by this, Aaron said Audrey needed to be with him, "because I'm allergic to being alone. Yup, that's what I'm allergic to!" Sorry kid, that excuse is far from enough.

I seriously cannot get enough of the rain here in Oregon - it's like a comforting blanket. I'll admit, though, it makes me miss Eric when he's at work, a lot. All I want to do is snuggle with some cocoa and listen to the rain!

Audrey put all of this ... all of it (even the wise men plaque was sticking out the hole) in the vent. And, this is all I could recover. Joseph, the lamb, and baby Jesus are still down there... Mary and the donkey made it out. They can still get to Bethlehem, buuuuuuuuut... I asked Audrey where Jesus is and she said, "in the floor." We had a talk...
Making sure the toys are all in working order!
"Am I beautiful, Audrey?"
"No ... not done yet."
"MOM! She's painting me again!" (Audrey got a make-up kit for Christmas...) 

Quesadillas - Aaron: If we take it and break it into two parts ... HEY AUDREY! DON'T EAT THE TORTILLA, I'M TRYING TO DO FRACTIONS!

The kids asked me to read them a very special book this morning. It's about how you lose your smile when cranky and the best way to find it is to play. I don't think the kids were trying to send me a message, they simply enjoy reading. But after the way yesterday went for me, I think God was trying to send me a message, for sure. Time to play 
smile emoticon
 ... I wish I could sleep in the car ...
 I never thought I'd find myself asking, "how did you get chocolate down the back of your dress?" I think I blame brother for this one...
 Our matching "snow cute" outfits from Gramma and Grampa!
 They love to get a snack and just watch the cars drive by while they chat.
 I have yet to sit down with Audrey and explain how to "draw people" - and yet she brought me this ... she pointed out the body, head and and limbs. You go girl!
Somehow, Audrey thought it'd be a good idea to use chocolate to color on the wall - all the way down the stairwell. And somehow, she was surprised to learn this is not what we use chocolate for!
 Rookie mistake leaving the diaper cream out - should have left it guarded by a rock troll! It started innocently with her wanting to help her baby doll ... then it grew. Audrey also loves to put lotion on sister.
 Good thing I have 2 doctors to make sure my heart is working!
 Zach and Amy came to visit!
 Tighe and Rachel also came to town so we played Exploding Kittens!
 We had to color on the couch because, "No, I color by you!"
Adelynn's so good at standing up on things (in the case of the bin above, she also pitches right over the top of things - yet it doesn't phase her ... she gets up like nothing happened)!
 Aaron asked me why it gets dark outside. Rather than say "because the sun goes to bed," I decided to sit down and really explain it. I think Aaron gets it ... Audrey on the other hand simply wants to eat the moon.