Friday, October 31, 2014


What a fun Halloween we had!
Eric chose the theme of How to Train Your Dragon 2 this year. Eric was Stoick, I was Valka, Aaron was Hiccup and Audrey was Astrid. All the costumes were hand made by me and I had so much fun!

Yesterday, we got to go Trick-or-Treating at Precoa

Here are some close ups on the costumes.
  Yes, I made every piece. I hand painted Eric's cape prior to creation.

Then tonight we had 22 work friends over for a party! I did a Hot Chocolate themed party.
We played a souped up version of Charades, the Flour Game, and then 5 Nights at Freddy's which is a "make you jump" computer game. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!

Monday, October 27, 2014

I "mustache" you a question ...

We had a fun Family Home Evening decorating our pumpkins tonight!
Aaron and Audrey both colored theirs, though Aaron did request Daddy carve an airplane for him...
He thought Daddy's pumpkin was THE BEST EVER! Haha! Classic triangle eyes and everything!

We went with a mustache theme (well, really I wanted my pumpkin to look like a creepy pedophile - I mean seriously, is anything scarier than that? And Eric decided to add a mustache to his to match.)
so ...
I "mustache" you a question ... are you having a Happy Halloween?

You guys, Halloween is the best!

September/October Photo Dump and Sayings!

I've been pretty absent from the blogsphere lately ... and my kids have said TONS of hysterical things and I have THOUSANDS of photos (well, something like that) so I am going to do one massive post.
I seriously have so much that I don't even know how to break it up... So many of these events would normally have warranted their own post, but I've been a bit busy with my new job as the Reader Experience Diva for the Dating Divas! I am absolutely loving this job! I'm the go to editor for newsletters and for our paid products. I also answer emails and I help with our twitter account.  It is so much fun. I love that I get to use my skills while staying at home. I work while Audrey naps and Aaron gets to watch his daily show.

Let's start an Aaronism - those are always fun :)
We were heading to get lunch when Aaron saw the chocolate chips and asked for them. "You were hungry for food, remember?" I reminded him. He responded, "I don't really like food ..." "Oh, you don't?" "No, I just like chocolate chips..."

I absolutely love the way Aaron says, "pepperonis!"

Audrey is saying all sorts of cute things these days too!

Aaron is getting very clever with his train track creations ... and while he still fights nap time, sometimes he can't avoid it no matter how hard he tries!
Why yes, toes taste yummy!

Aaron likes to play with play-dough. He told me he was making us cookies! He clarified that they were pretend cookies. I told him that's my favorite kind because there are no calories involved... He replied with a very confused face, "yeah, at least, I think so..."

More library time with friends!

We stopped at Costco and given that I didn't want to deal with lunch when we got home I opted for us to eat lunch there. While we were eating, an older gentleman came up to us. He said he had gotten himself too much to eat and having not touched his smoothie, wanted to offer it to us. My kids were ecstatic!

 They really were great at sharing and Aaron made sure Audrey didn't drop it as we rode out to the car.

This is Aaron's new nightlight. When I purchased it with him, I informed him that it would keep the monsters away. Whenevery he gets scared, he moves it over by his bed and sleeps on the floor next to it. Our monster problems have been solved for over a month now! YAY!

Yeah - his favorite food is Ramen, even over pizza...

 Obsessed with my socks, Audrey brought me pair after pair asking me to help her put them on.



Audrey is getting so much personality! I love how she loves to snuggle! She also loves to give me kisses and then say, "I-la-oo" after :)
She also likes to think she's helpful. She does puzzles and she likes to clean up ... kind of...

If you listen close, you can hear her, in her shrieky voice scream, "I did it!" after each puzzle piece.

The way she says, "tissue" is super cute :)

Aaron fell asleep on the couch and Audrey was very sad she couldn't play with him.
She kept kissing him and snuggling up to his chest. 
Good thing he's a deep sleeper. I love how much she loves him! 

Aaron is obsessed with the movie, Planes. We've renewed it 4 times now from the library (the max amount).
He has no planes of his own, but that doesn't stop him! He likes to build them himself using a k'nex type kit from a friend at work. 
 He has all sorts of fun adventures! 

Audrey is getting better at jumping on the trampoline :)
Before heading out on another vacation, Eric's parents took us out to dinner and then for ice cream. Do you think Audrey might possibly like ice cream?

 Grams and Papa sent the kids balls in the mail! They loved pulling them out of the mail box!
Who knew you could send things like that?!?

These light switches control the fireplace. Audrey used to climb on the couch to get to them so I moved the couch ... she's changed her tactic... :(

I let Audrey try feeding herself for the first time this morning. I've let her help me with oatmeal (we both hold the spoon) but this was her first try on her own. After a glimpse of independence, she wouldn't even let me attempt to help her, haha!

 Yeah, we love throwing clean laundry :)