Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Trip to Lagoon!

This year for my  Dad's work party we were able to go to Lagoon again! We had so much fun!
 Here we are waiting to go into the park

 One of my favorite rides is called the Space Scrambler. 
When I was younger I named it the "Garbage Can"... not sure why.
 Keep an eye out for more "angry" pictures of Thomas... they are his favorite.

This is the contraption my Dad rigged so we didn't have to carry anything!
We had plenty of drinks all day long.

Anna's favorite ride was the Tilt-a-Whirl

Bumper Cars!

Really? Who would want to sit on this fence???

Eric and I decided we needed a break from riding rides.
After feeding Aaron, Eric decided he wanted to lie down for a little while.

Just before dinner.
Thomas was worried about feeding Aaron, but he did a great job!

These crazy kids decided to get in the water at 9pm!

 I should have followed my parents to the Merry-Go-Round...
I would have been more dry that way. 
Go to the bottom to see the video of Eric and I getting thrown in the water.

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 Week Aaron

Aaron had his 2 week appointment this week and had some pretty fun stats!

                                         Now                               Birth
Height:                             21"                                 19.5"
Weight:                            7lbs. 13oz                       7lbs. 5oz

They also measured his head circumference at 13". He is in the 50th percentile for his weight, 75th for his height, and 15th for his head circumference... :D

I have kind of been ridiculous with my picture taking but I will try to post only the best ones...

  Watching TV with Mom - Psych, of course!

Napping with Daddy

Eric's mom came out for a visit and we went on a picnic

Napping with Daddy again, SO cute!

We gave him a bath and after the bath he was shivering... 
no blankets in sight, but I did have my robe!

When he gets hungry, he prefers a finger to a pacifier 

Eric's dad came in town for the blessing

...I think Noah is afraid of babies...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Do YOU Think???

We're stuck in the middle. Many people think Aaron looks more like me and others think he looks more like Eric. So, here are some baby pictures of the 3 of us... What do you think?

Also, I thought I'd share some fun pee stories...

Last night we gave Aaron a bath and we should have known something was amiss when he didn't cry, at all. After we rinsed him off he decided to let it go! The poor guy hit himself square in the face... Being the terrible mother that I am, I said "Well, at least he was aiming at himself," which was totally tempting fate. This morning I laid him on my chest for a nap and his pee stream completely missed his diaper somehow and sprayed all over me, the bed, the sheets, etc. I was surprised and gave a loud squawk which sent Eric into action.  After all the excitement, Aaron calmed down quickly. He did it again later while I was burping him lying on his tummy in my lap. That is when I made a list of things to be thankful for:
1. Pee is warm
2. Jeans are ultra absorbant
3. He'll be potty trained in 2 years...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introducing Aaron Kent Hornibrook

Let me just tell you that I hope to be induced with all of my children! Labor was so easy. It lasted a total of 6 hours and as far as pushing went, he came out on the 4th contraction -  10 minutes. I even took a nap after I got my epidural put in. We were required to stay in the hospital for 24 hours after he was born but once that time was up we headed home. He was the picture of health as was his mom.

Here are his stats:

Date:         7/7/11
Time:        6:04pm
Weight:     7lbs 5 oz
Length:     19.5"

These pictures are from in the hospital:

A few favorite quotes from people visiting once we brought him home:
Lani Wilkinson (to her son Brian): Don't flash the baby.
Anna Wilkinson (after attending a Harry Potter party): There's a little baby in there. Me: No, that's just fat. Anna: Yes there is, I can see him with my sight. (I sense a bit of Trelawny in her)
Kenzie Wilkinson: You weren't that huge (referencing my pre-birth size) Julie Wilkinson: Oh yes she was!

Look how long he is!
Proud Grandpa
Food coma... :)

Look how TINY he looks in Eric's arms

Getting some time in the sun.

Here are 2 fun videos of his tricks: Snorting and lifting his head. We are so proud :)