Monday, September 9, 2013

So Strong!

Part of me is thinking, "Can't you just hold still for a while? Be content to just lay there... 
Suck your thumb or something..." 
The other part of me is totally loving to brag...

Audrey loves tummy time ... loves it. It seems similar to a teenage girl who climbs on her mom's bed to tell her all about the date she just came back from - chatty, full of smiles, and unable to hold still.

Audrey has rolled over before, but it was 3 weeks ago. It seemed to be more of a surprise to her than anything, but she has tried so hard to replicate it!
Here she is, chatting and smiling while trying to roll over.
Audrey scoots. Usually she progresses slowly - inch worm style... But every once in a while she really plants her feet well and then she shoots forward.
You can see she eventually gets frustrated ... lack of movement is my guess...

Lucky for me, she still loves to snuggle

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