Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 Month Audrey!

Holy Cow! I turned around and suddenly Audrey is 2 months old, summer is over, fall is upon us, Aaron is talking more than ever, and Halloween is 37 days away! CRAZY!
Here are Audrey's Stats at 2 months, 1 week:

                                  Height:                           22.75"               50th Percentile
                                  Weight:                         9lbs 14.7oz         15th Percentile
                                  Head Circumference:          14.49"               14th Percentile
                                  Weight for Height:                                  3rd Percentile
                                  Eye Color:                       Big, Gorgeous & Blue
                                  Hair Color:                      Strawberry Blond
                                  Clothing Size:                  Newborn

She is so little! The doctor isn't worried though. She's settled into routines that are generally beyond her age; such as no night-time feedings, but he said to trust her and let her eat when hungry. She eats around 10:30pm and sleeps till at least 6am consistently. Score! Thank you Audrey! Half the time, she wakes up and I have no idea till I look at her - she just lies there quietly taking in the world. She even sleeps while Eric plays the drums!

Things she loves:

  • Audrey still loves being swaddled and I still feel mean doing it. Claustrophobic! 
  • Tummy Time! Audrey loves to be on her tummy, scooting and rolling and chatting up a storm!
  • Smiling and Giggling. Cutest ever!
  • Daddy and Big Brother, Aaron!
  • Holding Mama's hand
  • Rattles
  • Sitting up and standing - she generally prefers it to lying down
  • Grabbing - Mama's hair, Aaron's shirt, Daddy's fingers...
  • Baths (Aaron loves helping give her baths - he keeps her warm by dribbling water on her)
Things she hates:
  • Lotion being rubbed on her tummy or back
  • Messy diapers
  • Hiccups
  • When you take the bottle away or pull her off to burp
  • The car when stuck at a stop light

For your enjoyment: Audrey's giggle

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  1. Audrey is such a doll! I just want to hold her and squeeze her and smooch her and just *uh!* *big sigh*. Good thing I have my own baby now to satisfy the need to cuddle something small and adorable.


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