Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May ... Where Did You Go?

Nice try, auto correct, but next time, let's just stick with "Jessica Hornibrook" instead of " just a horny breath"

Me: Eric, did you put away the cookie dough?
Eric: ... No ...
Me: Did you eat the cookie I saved for you?
Eric: ... No ...
Me: If I have to go down to put away the cookie dough, I'm gonna eat your cookie...
Eric: Go ahead, that's fine.
This tactic works infinitely better with my children... Time to come up with a new plan. On the bright side, I got to eat another cookie!
The kids were doing their own version of karate moves at church and when I asked what they were doing, I learned they were "Tom and Kito - saving the world by fighting bad guys!" Officially the new dynamic duo!

Aaron: Mama, you're the best cook ever!
Me: Aw, thanks Aaron, but Daddy did most of the cooking.
Aaron: Oh, Daddy your the best cook ever ... And Mama, too! You're better than a chef! *gasp* You're even better than me! 
I sure hope so!
P.S. any time we give the kids something they love, we're the best "everything." Best dancer, best singer, best driver, best racer, etc... 
Today, I gave something to Audrey, and suddenly Aaron said that I'm the best Mama ever and he's so proud of me for sharing ... And he offered his plane as a reward for my good behavior as Audrey echoed that I'm the best Mama. 

We decided to surprise Daddy at work and he surprised the kids with popsicles! #bestdayever
 Eric is seriously the sweetest ever. He left me a coke and dove chocolates one morning to help me get through the day! He also got me a vacuum for Mother's Day!
Oh, and you may have noticed I've been posting infrequently compared to my habitual past - it's because I became an Amazon reviewer back in February. That's where you get stuff for free, or next to free, in exchange for a review. This is often what my porch looked like. Sadly, many people don't like the process and will "down vote" the reviews that include the disclaimer indicating the discount - and Amazon has now revoked my right to write any reviews. Oh well, it was a good run...
  We went into Portland with Tyler and Allyson, and Jake and Taci. We ate at a fabulous burger joint and when Jake went in to get us donuts, the gal inside said they had a ton of extra donuts and offered him a free box. Deal - we'll take those off your hands, for sure! 
 Sometimes,  you just need a break. Whether it's sitting down on the grass or curling up on Mama's lap to nap.
 Basically, the cutest thing, ever.
 This kid is so smart!

Aaron, upon finding the postcard Eric's parents sent while in Europe, asked, "Why do we have a picture of the Eiffel Tower?" ... uh, a better question would be, "How did you know that?!" Oh, and my children now want to go to Europe to get "yummy chocolate"

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

We had a fun time with Eric's family for Memorial Day - there were lots of adventures to be had!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Adelynn Fun Times

This girl has so much personality - she's such a hoot!!! 

I love watching her play - and her cooking is so funny!

She says several words - Nuh-nye, bottle, and others - and she recently added "diaper" to the list.

And her fake cry - seriously, I'm going to die laughing!

 For kicks and giggles, here are Audrey and Aaron's fake laughs from that age - Aaron and Adelynn's are so similar bahahaha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our Trip to Utah!

We went to Utah for two reasons - the first being Melissa is about to pop and the second being Wilson's (Thomas' best friend and basically my other little brother) marriage and sealing! Sadly, no baby, but we got to attend the wedding and it was amazing!

I'm (obviously) quite pleased with the way I packed. I didn't want the clothes hanging in the kids' faces, so I rigged this to hang the shirts on.

 I also feel bad when someone goes to get my kids dressed in the morning and I change their clothes later because either I don't like the combination or what was selected is actually pajamas - so this time I made it so no one feels awkward when I adjust outfits because all you need is to select a bag with the name of the child you're dressing (labeled "pj's" and "daytime") and throw it on. Easy peasy.

The trip out was ... exhausting. We went to McDonalds, sadly there weren't any with a play place nearby when we got hungry - but the kids got their energy out by racing around and "planking." Still, despite that, there was only about 45 minutes where all 3 kids slept at the same time... sigh
 We could not get enough of Audrey's hair flapping around!
We loved our time there - these are in no particular order, just so you know :)
Audrey was all about Papa's chair - the poor dog felt his space was taken.
A little blurry - but still shows the fun and the love. 
Audrey's crush on Kito remains strong, even when she get angry, lol - I thought this was hysterical.
We played lots of games - Concept and Time Stories were two of them.
I love when they play together nicely!
Like all children (or at least all of my children), Adelynn will decimate any tissue box she comes across. And, she will not look you in the eye while she does it.
Audrey wanted to help clean up ... so helpful.
We visited our friends Dan and Emery - there's always someone not looking, so here's two pictures - this way you can see most all of the faces, lol.
Wilson's wedding was such a special event and we are so honored that he invited us to his sealing!
The Salt Lake Temple is so gorgeous!
The reception was lots of fun - and so beautiful.

I got to catch up with my friend, Becca. I went to the wrong Jamba Juice on campus... Knowing it wasn't that bad of a walk, and having not been there for a while, I asked Google which way to go - it was desperately wrong. I ran all along the outside of campus - it was a nice workout. Don't worry, I knew my way back - the fast way. I wish I'd have driven, though. Those RB stairs ... shudder
The kids wanted a birthday party in Utah so my dad went the extra mile and got them a ton of amazing gifts! Thanks Papa!

My dad made burgers and hot dogs for dinner.
The kids asked for an Octonauts (one of their TV shows that the watch) cake which worked out perfect since that was totally my plan!
Thank you to my brothers friends (Kito and Brandon) for joining us - Triple A loves you guys!!!
Adelynn was all about perfecting her walking - she started walking about 2 weeks before the trip, but not consistently. By the end of our trip, she was a pro. Initially, she needed the right motivation - in the first video, I called her for ages, but once Aaron came over, she raced as fast as those little legs can go. The second was a hair brush, go figure.

Tom was so energetic and willing to do all of the "fast and rough" playing - my and Eric's backs appreciate it immensely.

Aaron was doing so seriously impressive push-ups -- he was even mostly flat. By the time I took out my camera, these two videos are what I got. I think Audrey's push-ups are the best.

It's times like these that I wonder, "should we get a trampoline?" But then I remember - I don't want one, lol. I'd rather it be a special thing at their grandparents' homes (both sides have one) and then I don't have to pay for it, maintain it, or police it. But, it sure is fun to watch them play together!
Audrey said she was cold so Eric donated his sweatshirt. Have you ever seen anything cuter?
The reason we don't have a swingset is the same one as the trampoline... Just so you know.
Saying good-bye is always hard. Most of the family went up to Lagoon, so we stopped there on our way out. Audrey fell asleep in the car so she was ... less than energetic.
When we began our trek home, Adelynn got a lot of her energy out at dinner! We met up with Lissa, Kenny, Nikki, and Matthew at a McDonalds near by - this one actually had a play place!
We'll be back soon, but feel free to come visit us any time!