Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Craft Post

My goodness, it has been a loooooooooooong time since I posted one of my crafts... basically because most of my crafts recently have been dealing with home decor and those were (and will be) posted with the pictures of our home. Plus, after the quiet book, I was a bit crafted out. 
But, with Aaron's help, I did a craft this week!

Audrey has several headbands and bows, just like most little girls, and I did not enjoy digging through a pile of them to pick out the headband I wanted... so I had the thought to get a paper-towel holder, add a pool noodle and use that for the headbands and attach fabric and ribbon to a picture frame for the bows.
This headband holder worked well for a while, but due to the design of the holder, I had to unscrew both sides and take the whole noodle out to get a headband off. Plus, it was the perfect size to hold ribbon in my craft room and a bit too small for the headbands ... so I decided to come up with a different idea.

I saw on Pinterest how a lady had taken a cardboard tube, covered it in fabric and used it to put headbands on. I loved this idea because it can grow with Audrey - as she transitions from elastic headbands to normal ones, I can still use the holder ... but where the heck was I going to get a cardboard tube??? So I started looking for different ideas. I tried using the pool noodle and covering it in layers upon layers of fabric scraps, but it was too flimsy and wouldn't glue to the candlestick. So then I got a large tin can, but it wasn't long enough! Then my dad had an idea - use a soda bottle. Genius, but still not long enough, so I got thinking... I cut off the bottoms of 3 soda bottles and the neck of one. I then shoved the necks of the 2 I didn't cut, with a dab of glue, into the other bottles to create a line of 3 bottles (does that make sense? If it doesn't and you want to make one yourself, let me know and I'll do another one but take pictures of the process) - Aaron had fun with this part. We then covered it in duck canvas, glued it to the candlestick and voila! 
It works so wonderfully! Audrey wears headbands way more often now because it is so much easier to get to them! And if I get more headbands, I'll just take the crocheted ones off to make more room as they are specifically to go with her bows and they are too big for her right now anyway... or make another one since it was so easy!

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