Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Quiet Sunday

Today, we had a quiet Sunday.
We went to the baby blessing of our friends' (Keros & Ann Marie) baby, Rosie.
Aaron was a little wired during Sacrament Meeting so we let him roam and stand by the wall...
Him and his bowtie were tugging at me to take pictures - so super cute :)

 We attended our church after theirs and then we all took naps followed by simply chilling.
Aaron, not wanting to take his nap, screamed/cried, "I love you Mama!" over and over... as Eric carried him up the stairs. I's just a nap, not death ... but I love you too. :)
But then, Audrey decided to say, "I would like to interrupt your chilling to show you, THIS!"
It was suddenly no longer a quiet Sunday as I exploded with excitement!
She did this three times prior to me wrenching Eric's phone away to record it... and then twice after.
Each time I rolled her to her stomach, she would immediately roll back
(hence you see my hand at the beginning of the video)
Little girl can't seem to hold still and has to just roll!!!

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