Sunday, September 29, 2013

General Relief Society Broadcast

Last night, I was blessed to attend the General Relief Society Broadcast with Eric's parents. Knowing it is more enjoyable to attend these things with family, and knowing that if I were to stay home to watch the broadcast it wouldn't happen due to children, I eagerly accepted Ane's invitation to go with them. Here are some of the key things that I got out of the meeting:

  • The Lord knows what you need. He also knows when you need it. Be patient and look for His hand in all things - He may be answering your prayer through another person. Make sure you are paying close enough attention to notice!
  • Baptismal Covenants. They hit this point hard. And I realized ... what are my Baptismal Covenants? 
    • Come into the fold of God (become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ)
    • Be called His son or daughter (take upon me the name of Christ)
    • Beat others' burdens that they may be light; mourn with those that mourn; and comfort those in need of comfort (help others)
    • Stand as a witness of Got at all times and in all things and in all places (testify of Christ and set a good example at all times)
    • Serve God and keep His commandments
  • I had to look these up... It has been so long since my baptism and I have focused so much on my Temple Covenants that I had almost forgotten that I have made other covenants too! They talked a lot about how we keep our Baptismal Covenants every day without realizing it - that we are doing better than we actually think we are. This was important for me to hear.
  • I definitely cried when President Monson talked about his wife who passed back in May. It is so evident how much he loves and misses her and how much he will always love her - a deep and profound love.
Now to apply these things...

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