Friday, September 6, 2013

A Few Cute Ones!

Aaron wanted to wear both pairs of underwear ... he then (thanks to his new favorite movie, Tangled) paraded around saying, "I got a dream!" and "Great ... now I bad guy."
... because sleeping with one book isn't enough!
 Counting and colors with Marshmallows!
 Who me? I didn't do it!
Prepping for our Utah trip, we made a paper chain! 
Aaron had fun making it; he then promptly destroyed it. Sad that it was broken, he had me fix it and then went to play.
Here are a few cute videos. The first is a game Aaron and I play. I pick a room and he then tries to find me. We call it Mama! Polo! :)
Next is of Audrey smiling and just being cute!

Then we have Aaron pretending to sleep and being his sweet, adorable self!

We also have Aaron singing Popcorn Popping and "fixing" Sally - having Mater tow her
(this is something my brother, Thomas, would do for him while he was here that Aaron learned to do himself)

Here is a picture of him "fixing"
And ... lastly, we have Aaron singing Call Me Maybe

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