Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Fashions

One of my favorite things about fall? Breaking out the overalls!!!

Funny Little Boy...

Ok... guess what this little guy did today?

It was time for this cutie to get clean. Lately I have started taking him in the shower with me. He loves the water so we chill for a while, then he gets cleaned. After he's done, I wrap him up in a towel and lay him in the bouncer. Then I hop back in to clean myself. Usually, he just sits and talks to himself till I get out... but not today. Today he wiggled, and moved until he had uncovered himself. I stepped out of the shower just in time to see him smile and then start to pee... He shot himself in the face - right in the eye. I kept waiting for him to get startled and stop but he simply shut his eyes and kept going. I quickly covered him with a towel and what did he do? He licked his lips and smiled at me... What an odd duck. So I grabbed him and threw him back in the shower - head and all. He loved it. He just likes being wet I guess ... no matter where the water comes from!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Chatterbox

Aaron likes to talk - he kinda does it constantly, even in his sleep.

He likes to chat with Mama, Daddy, and with his favorite toy - the bug with eyes... This toy has eyes that he can look at and he loves it (it's the blue and orange one). He will sit and smile at the toy, play with the toy, and talk to the toy. It's adorable.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Standing... All By Himself

Aaron loves to stand. If he's fussy, he probably wants to stand up. He'll tug on your fingers till you raise them high enough for him to pull himself up. And if he has something to hold onto, he can stand with out your help!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Wrong Drawer

Today while Aaron was sleeping I went looking for a shirt I wanted to wear. As I sifted through my drawers, I realized one of them was way over packed. I had noticed this before but being busy hadn't stopped to figure out a better solution. Since Aaron was napping I took the opportunity to start emptying the drawer.

As I went down I found several shirts; shirts that didn't belong in that drawer. I wondered to myself why did I put these here? It then occurred to me that... I wouldn't put them there... I didn't put them there.

Then it hit me. I rearrange my clothes so often to try and make more space that Eric can't keep up. But when he can, he tries to help out around the house (he does it especially when I'm out running errands so I come home to a surprise). He must have done the laundry for me and put things away where it seemed they would go (the drawer had other shirts in it... it wasn't a pants drawer or anything).

I love how even though he isn't sure on where things go, he still tries. He doesn't use it as an excuse to not do the laundry or not do the dishes (I rearrange those every once in a while too). He also doesn't just leave out piles of my clothes hoping I will put them away (when in reality I'll probably knock them off the bed to the floor when I'm tired and then the next day figure out they were clean...). He jumps right in to help!

Even though he's super busy, he still makes time to help me.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I Simply CANNOT get enough of this kid's smile!

Moving - Part 1

Moving is so close, I can taste it!

What? You didn't know we are moving? Well, here's the story... While we were in Oregon, Eric's dad approached him, suggesting that it would be advantageous for Eric to came out to Oregon sooner. So Eric rearranged his schedule (20.5 credits this semester) and we are moving out to Oregon around New Years.  The actual date is still up in the air, but our landlord has said we have to be out a few days before the new semester starts to make it easier for the people moving in. We are flying out at Thanksgiving, for Thanksgiving, and also to look at apartments and furniture so that we will be all set in December/January!

Eric and I have been talking about how to move... We have arrived at the conclusion of selling all of our furniture (minus the crib and rocking chair that I love) and shoving what we can into our 2 cars plus possibly his parents' van. This means we go through everything and figure out what we actually want to take with us...

This past Friday, we went through our shed. We went through every bin and took pictures of things we thought we could sell, bagged up things to take back to my parents (lawn equipment, etc.), placed things in a DI pile, and then reorganized; packing things in bins as tight as possible.

I made this bunny and dress in 8th grade.
I decided it wasn't something I wanted to take with us (gave it to the fam)
so Eric asked if he could take a picture of it.

My old roommate painted faces on our clocks...

Aaron was a trooper through all of this. :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank You Random Stranger

It's amazing how even when you're having a great day, someone you don't even know can come along and make it better.

I slept poorly last night even though Aaron slept for about 8 hours. He started screaming in his sleep this morning (it sounded like a terrified shriek...) which sent Eric and I both running to the living room to see what was wrong. He simply needed a pat on the back. Just incase he woke up, Eric and I curled up on the couch - and slept in. :D

Then, after Eric left for class, Aaron and I just chilled. He was in a super terrific mood and was all smiles.

I went to check my email and found my sister wanted my opinion about a hair cut she is getting. I love when people ask my opinion!

I chatted with Lissa and she said Eric, Aaron and I could come over to play games with her and her husband Kenny tonight - super excited!

Eric left his Xoom at home so Aaron and I went to visit him on campus. It was great to see Eric.

Aaron got lots of compliments. I know my baby is cute, but it is still nice to hear it from others.

So - even on top of ALL that, my day was made even better. I was at Office Depot getting supplies for my Dad's birthday present and I had been lugging Aaron around in his carseat. I hadn't planned to be in the store long but I'm kinda blind and it took forever to find what I was looking for. I finally found what I was there for and went to go check out and couldn't find the entrance to the check out line ... hmmmmm ... so I had to squeeze to the back of the line from the front (of course once I got to the back of the line I saw the entrance - very poorly designed). Now, I wasn't frustrated but I was definitely tired from carrying around the carseat and a sleeping baby (yes, I know... I lack arm muscles). There were people at the checkout stands and in line was just me and another gentleman. When a spot opened up, the gentleman turned to me and offered to let me go ahead of him. I asked if he was sure and he said with a smile "Yes, I don't have things to carry..." He then proceeded to move a cart out of the way so I could scoot past him (again) to go check out.

Thank you random stranger for making my day even better.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toilet Paper and Trash Bag Boxes!!!

I love my little house - I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression. But let's be honest... it's small, over crowded, and ugly. The fact that I'm not a great decorator doesn't help and the fact that we're trying to shove 3 people in the house doesn't help either... And the fact that we are so close to moving that I could make a paper chain makes me trunky... ready to be done with this house.

But, we're here for a little while longer so I decided to spruce up the bathroom... I do not like our bathroom, it is my least favorite room in the house. So I figured if anything needed some love, it was the bathroom.

So, since we are only here for a little longer, I wanted some cheap (free if possible) decorations. When I can really decorate the bathroom, I want an ocean theme, but for now it's simply blue.

I got this idea from my sister-in-law Amanda. Can you guess what the flowers are made of??? Toilet paper rolls!!! (I didn't have any saved up so I went and stole the middles from 4 unused toilet paper rolls... when I told Eric that I did that he imagined big piles of toilet paper lying everywhere. Lucky for him I simply squished them and pulled them out, leaving the roll in tact.)

Guess what the "vines" are... they're cardboard from the box that our trash bags came in. (Eric looked shocked when I told him and then he was concerned that we were out of trash bags so soon... when I informed him that the bags were still there, just in the drawer he rolled his eyes...)

Yes, they are held up with tape and thumb tacks... but like I said, this is a temporary solution to try and help me like my bathroom a little bit more. Besides... it was free!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ok, so from these videos it may seem that my child is always naked - but it isn't true! He simply soils his outfits ... and once he has soiled 2 or more I am less inclined to re-dress him.

This first video is from our trip to Oregon. Aaron is getting SO good at recognizing our smiles and smiling back.

This second video is long, but it shows some of the funny faces Aaron makes when he's sleeping. At the very end it shows one of the smiles that he gives when he's dreaming - I've been trying to get this smile for ages. I have tons of useless videos where I film him sleeping and he always manages to smile right after I put the camera down...

BYU vs. Ole' Miss

First game of the season - BYU vs. Ole' Miss! GO COUGS!!!

 We broke out our cougar wear for the game.

 We had pizza and root beer. Eric and Zach found it entertaining that I was holding 
a baby and it looked like I was drinking beer...

Spoiling My Boys

This past week was Eric's 24th birthday - talk about OLD!!! :D He took forever to get me his birthday list but he eventually told me what he wanted and I threw in a few things of my own. I love getting things for him so his birthday and Christmas are my 2 favorite holidays.  We opened presents in the morning and then started the festivities when he got home from class. We went out to dinner at Cafe Paesan which was incredible! The food had so much flavor! We then went to Shopko to pick out a new shirt for him (I got him one as a place holder that we later returned). After that we went to the movies. We saw Super 8 which was pretty intense. I didn't know that it was going to be a suspense/scary movie so I was in for a ride.

I also got to spoil Aaron this weekend. I needed a bumper for the crib because he keeps getting his arms and legs stuck through the bars. I know I was going to make one, but I think I saved myself a lot of time and frustration by just purchasing one. (same with the crib skirt...)

I feel bad because he doesn't have a nursery... so I decided to do a craft to make his little corner of the room more his own. I bought the letters for his name and painted them and bought a shelf that I stained to put them on. I know it's not much but I have other plans that I intend to put into effect on Monday while Eric does homework. :D