Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Year

1 year ago Eric asked me to marry him... if you had asked me 1 year ago if I planned to be half-way through a pregnancy at this stage in my life I would have said "no way." Would I change it? Not a chance.

December 19, 2009 -- Eric took me to Temple Square to ask me to date him
January 26, 2010 -- Eric brought up marriage
February 3, 2010 -- Eric and I went ring shopping
February 14, 2010 -- Eric asked my dad for my hand in marriage
February 25, 2010 -- Eric takes me home to meet his family
February 27, 2010 -- Eric proposes
June 26, 2010 -- Eric and I get married
June 26, 2011 -- 1 year anniversary
July 14, 2011 -- Give him a son

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life isn't fair - it simply isn't fair, and I hate it!

Someone once told me that "fair is where you go to see the pigs..." well, that's bull - also found at a "fair."

I coach ballroom at an elementary school and we have a competition at BYU coming up. Because of the economy and several other factors, our program is very small.

In order to compete at BYU they had to qualify at a competition at UVU. My beginning team got bronze the competition before that so I warned them that they would have to step it up to be able to go to BYU -- and they did. They received a gold at the UVU competition.

They qualified for BYU but because I only have 3 boys they will not let my team go. We cannot borrow students from another school and my students are not allowed to dance 2 dances each to get the 6 dances at the competition. The directors made a decision and I feel that it was the wrong one - but I cannot do anything about it. What consolation did they give me? That at least my Level 2 students get to go... at least I can still take a team. How does that help my other class who qualified, and how does that help me feel better?

So now a team that did not qualify but has a bigger program will get to go instead of my team.

Thanks to pregnancy hormones, I have been crying off and on since I found out and now I feel really sick and completely miserable. I care about these kids so much and they have worked so hard.

I am a mama bear when it comes to my students so I am going to have to restrain myself when I go to my "teacher training" tonight because if I say what is going through my head... the kids won't have a ballroom teacher anymore because I'll probably lose my position. If I felt that such a thing would help my students, I would do it... but I can't see how taking ballroom away from them completely would make anything better.

So sorry if I seem cranky... I am sick, I am tired, Eric isn't home, I wanted brownie batter and couldn't get it and my kids got jacked. They got screwed and put on the back burner because the directors value policy over people.

Yeah, I'm ticked.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Crazy Week!!!

Last Wednesday, we got to go in for our first Ultra Sound. The baby is healthy and growing well and is ................................drumroll please....................................

A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got our wish. This was our wish for a few reasons... 
1. Eric's side of the family has 7 nieces and 1 nephew
2. Eric wanted to be the first on his side of the family to produce a male heir first (meaning before a girl)
3. I always wanted an older brother so I want all my girls to have an older brother
4. I felt that it was a boy and have felt that for a while; I was just waiting for confirmation.

Here is a  terrible pictures of my tummy at 19 1/2 weeks. As you can see in the picture, the baby rides really low. Some people have higher bellies, mine is definitely low.

We had a lot of fun at the ultra sound. The technician was checking to make sure everything was normal and such while Eric and I watched as our little boy moved around. He really liked to keep his hand in front of his face -- almost like sucking his thumb. Then we saw him making little jerking movements...we asked the technician what it was and she said the baby had hiccups!  How cute is that???

Valentine's Day was a test day for Eric so I surprised him with dinner -- Chicken Parmesan, Salad, and Garlic Red Potatoes. It was a surprise to him because we had planned to celebrate on Wednesday, the day we got to find out what the baby is....  (reminder... it is A BOY!!!).

For our real Valentine's Day activity on Wednesday, Eric led me on a scavenger hunt which took us to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Neither of us had been before and it was fantastic! Later we came home where Eric presented me with a bouquet of flowers that sings Wild Thing when you press a button and a beautiful pearl necklace! We also curled up in bed and watched a movie. Great day!
Saturday was the UVU competition for my students. I was only able to take 1 team from each level (Level 1 and Level 2) because I didn't have enough boys to make more teams which was sad because I have so many girls. I told my students that in order to go to the BYU competition they would have to qualify -- something that is competely new this year. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to go, but a lot of the students took it to heart and practiced really hard outside of class! My Level 1 students received a Gold medal and my Level 2 students received a trophy for having the highest score in the Silver division. Both of my teams qualified for BYU!!! So now I need to find more boys so that I have enough for a team from each level (there are more dances at the BYU competition). I am hoping that the directors will allow me to borrow 3 male dancers from another school so that both of my teams can go - otherwise I can only take my Level 2 team, which would be super sad because my Level 1's have been practicing so hard!
Eric was my photographer for the competition and he got some terrific shots!

These are my Level 2 students with their trophy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tyler's Birthday!!!

Tyler flew into Utah on his birthday so we met him at the airport with 27 balloons. 

Each balloon had a note in it from one of the family members.

We took Tyler back to Annette's house for brownies and ice cream.

After a race between Tyler, Eric, Jorge,  Ryan and Josh to see who 
could pop the most balloons by sitting on them 
(Jorge won but he had a staple so the children called him a cheater), 
Tyler read aloud some of the notes to the family that were at the party.

Here is a video of the competition. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My New Hair Cut

Not a fabulous picture, by any means... but it at least lets you know how short it is now. I cut off 9 inches -- sadly, not enough to donate, but I am glad I didn't go any shorter.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Zach's Birthday

Zach Wiggins, now 23 as of February 5, 2011. He's getting so old!

Here are some pictures from his birthday party:

 We re-arranged our living room temporarily to make room for the Kinect!
We borrowed it from my sister Laura -- I am still sore because I am very much over competitive!
This is Zach and Emily playing the Kinect.

 The Baskin Robins cake we got

 We also borrowed Rock Band from Laura for the party

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Highlights

It has been an eventful day:
  • Thanks to Tylenol PM, didn't wake up till close to 2
  • Looked at wigs
  • Ballroom classes were successful
  • Eric did fantastic on his quiz
  • Eric decided to forget about "diet" for a little bit and sat in bed with me eating cake batter (no nasty egg stuff)
then it goes downhill...
  • Tried to play Mass Effect but the game refused to save my progress
  • Craving for macaroni casserole - no ground beef... Eric comes up with idea -- cook last 2 hamburgers and use them. Begin preparations. No cream of mushroom soup. Sad! Run to store. Eric, already in pajamas is get-away-driver. Run into store. Grab soup. Pay for soup. Overhear men at cash-register talking. Guy 1: I need a valentine and I'm new in town... should I just go to a local bar? Cashier: I dunno (looks awkward). Guy 2: See that girl walking behind you? Bet she'd do it. Go catch her...she's going out the door. Me: See in glass that man is coming for me - BOLT! Eric pulls up. Dive in car. Tell Eric to DRIVE! Felt like a bank robbery escape.
then back up:
  • Made macaroni casserole
  • Watched Knight and Day - fabulous movie

    Why Do I Even Own a Hair Brush?

    So, I have had some pretty terrible headaches for the past while. They have managed to remove several of my daily routines (thanks pregnancy...). Things such as plucking my eyebrows or brushing my hair have completely gone out the window.  I also have been losing a ton of hair! It's falling out by the bucket loads. The other day, Eric hinted that perhaps it was because I had not brushed my hair recently. (He's seen how much hair is in the brush when I'm done) As I started thinking I realized that I had simply been letting my hair dry and sticking it up in a messy bun for the better part of a week and a half! Why do I even own a brush??? I thought about how much I missed Eric playing with my hair and how much he probably missed it too ....

    That's why I decided yesterday to brush my hair. I showered and put in plenty of conditioner. Then I let it dry most of the way before attempting to brush it. OUCH! Geez... I lost a ton of hair. Of course, I figured since I'm already playing massochist I might as well pluck my eyebrows. Don't worry, I gave up on that idea pretty quick.

    Feeling proud of myself, I blow-dried my hair, did my make up and promptly went back to bed. The problem??? I was still losing a ton of hair. It was still falling out. Brushing it did me no good.

    Now, I am concerned that I am going to go bald - yes, bald. My father is going bald so why can't I? This is what inspired me to look at wigs. I mean, how convenient! I don't ever have to do my hair again. As long as I teach my children to never pull Mommy's hair, I'm set for life!  I have posted a few below for your enjoyment. These are a few of my favorites.

    The first one is my all time favorite...

    If a little girl like this needs a wig, then I will most definitely need one soon!