Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crafting Update

I haven't been doing many crafts recently ... I am sorry to admit.

I wish it wasn't so hard to pull everything out of the closet and work on it and then put it all back - ah well, one day...

I'm working on a quiet book with my friend, Emily, that, when I get a completed page, I'll post them to show you, lol - right now, it's just a lot of cutting. Emily is way more on top of this endeavor than I am.

I did do 2 crafts earlier this month though (I know, only 2 ... I need to get more determination and energy!).

The first was a "pillowcase" dress for my friend's new baby. I put it in quotations because I didn't use a pillowcase, but it was the same concept.

I also made a recipe holder for my mom and dad's anniversary. It has a recipe for love on it :) If you want to read their recipe, enlarge the bottom picture. (I got the idea from pinterest but took it beyond the original idea)

And, yeah. Besides fixing up my clothes and such I haven't done much on the crafty side of things - unless you could getting fixer-upper projects, but I haven't taken any pictures of those! I fixed up a breadbox that now holds things on our desk and a chest of drawers that is now in the living room holding all of my quiet book things (felt and duck canvas and threads) in hopes that I will be more motivated to work on it since it won't all be sitting in the closet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aaron's Little Friend

Last week I watched my friend, Amy's little boy, Seamus. He is almost 10 months old.

At the beginning of the week, the boys got along great (beside the binkie stealing and swapping that they both participated in). By the end of the week Aaron wanted know what this kid was still doing over - lol.

I got some fun videos of them playing together throughout the week though - and I thought I'd share them with you.

Eric's New Computer

Last week, Eric ordered a new computer  ... not just a new computer, but all the bits and pieces for him to put together himself to make sure it is truly the computer he wants.

Eric's brother, Jon, came over to help him build it.  I only managed to snap one photo:

The caption for this photo is what Eric said at the time I took it:

"Uhhh... was that supposed to break?"
The answer, it indeed was supposed to break! 

Aaron and I both had our own way of making use of the boxes...
I combined Eric's boxes with the ones from the packages my parents sent us this week and...
Voila! A house!

Aaron, thought that was boring and turned one of the boxes into a slide:

This is how he treats the computer: He drums on it

And this is what he does while Eric uses the computer:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aaron's Words

Hello There!

You thought we had died, didn't you...? Haha, I don't think I've gone so long without posting since I started this blog!  I have a post from our trip to Utah in the works - I'm just waiting on some photos ... *cough* ... to be given to me.

But I wanted to do a post so I thought I'd list all the words that Aaron can say!
  • Buh-bye (he even waves while he does it)
  • Nuh-nye (he will guide me to his room saying nuh-nye and pull on the crib when he's ready for a nap)
  • Uh-oh (super cute)
  • Mor (More)
  • Mol (Mole - I'll explain later)
  • Ba-bo (it's bottle, with out the t sound)
  • Ba-bo (this is bubble - when he wants me to blow bubbles, and yes, it sounds identical to his way of saying bottle)
  • Ball (he LOVES balls!)
  • Cheese (his favorite)
  • th-e-reu (this is a version of Thank You - either that or he is trying to say "there")
  • dank-doo (this is his other version of Thank You - the one that sounds much closer...)
  • Baby (so cute - he points to babies or pats them on the head and says it)
  • Baby (this also means binkie - you just have to look at what he's pointing at)
  • Di-per (Diaper, when he wants a diaper change)
  • Sha-shoe (Shoes - for when he wants to go outside)
  • Fishy (a goldfish cracker)
  • No! or nonono (depending on whether he's telling us that we are doing something wrong - like putting something in the trash or plugging something into an outlet - (nonono) or if he is telling us he does not want something (No!) or if he is pointing to my nose (nonono)

Not a great video, but you hear buh-bye, diaper, and shoe :)

He also can find your Eyes, Nose (he says nonono as he points to it), Mouth, Ears, and (on Mama's face...) Mole (he says mol as he points to it). I need to get a video of this :)

Aaron loves to be outside and to run as fast as he can (he thinks he can run faster than he can really run so sometimes he falls down). He loves flowers - he likes to "smell" them (he puts his face against the flower and blows out through his nose) and he loves the swings. He likes to climb and he likes to make people laugh. If he can tell you are upset or if he is not feeling well, he will come sit on your lap and just laugh until you laugh, then, content, he will climb down and go back to playing. This has happened every time he is sick without fail and when I am obviously sad or cranky. He will wave at everybody and is starting to get frustrated when they don't wave back - he hollers at them and when they look, he waves again. He loves hugs and he will kiss anything! After he does something wrong and I have to tell him "no no" he comes and gives me a hug and kiss as if to say he's sorry (he will also kiss the item he is not supposed to be playing with). I love my little boy so much. He is such a joy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Company Picnic

The Precoa company picnic was on Saturday and it was a blast - even though it was over 100 degrees!

We went to Mark and Ane's to pick up the waterslide and Aaron decided he wanted to drive

I made cookie dough cupcakes (the cupcakes have cookie dough inside them)
I thought it would be cute to turn some into cookie monster...
My niece, Emily, was sitting by her friend, both eating their cookie monster cupcakes when she turned to her friend and said, "I bet my Aunt Jessie made these, she's so crafty!"
Best ... compliment ... ever!

We have recently discovered that Aaron LOVES watermellon
He had 5 slices.

This is the waterslide
Eric was in charge of it so we were over there a lot.

For a long time, Aaron was content to play in the puddles around the waterslide...

But then he wanted to go down the slide...
This kid must have gone down over 30 times...
We eventually got a system where I would toss him up the back and Eric would help him go down
(rather than Eric tossing and guiding)

When everything calmed down sweet Sara decided to share her Popsicle with Aaron didn't matter that he didn't actually want any...

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Aaron has these little golf clubs that he loves and he is learning to whack the balls with them.

Aaron's favorite game with Daddy

When Daddy comes home, Mama becomes non-existent... and it's adorable.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Aaron came running into my room today, pulled on my leg and said, "Uh-oh!" (yes, he says uh-oh and it's adorable). He then proceeded to guide me into the kitchen where I found... this.

 Only then did I notice the flour on Aaron's clothes...
 Sorry about the blurry pictures, he was excited.
Note to self: DO NOT forget to put the bucket of rice BACK ON TOP of the bucket of flour...