Saturday, November 30, 2013

Aaron Moments

We have had some fun and some crazy moments with Aaron recently.

I love this picture - he has 2 beanies on... and he positioned the bigger one to block out the sun :)

Here are a few other fun moments:
  • Aaron loves to brush my hair - he absolutely loves it. He will use anything for a brush... an actual brush or his toy tools; whatever he can get his hands on. The other day, he came up behind me in the office saying he wanted to brush my hair. I readily said yes and (luckily) I was curious what he was going to use this time. I turned around to watch him open a pair of scissors and head toward my hair. YIKES! I am so glad I turned around! My hair lives to see another day.
  • We were in the car and I turned on the radio. It was a commercial so I switched stations. All we heard of the commercial was, "Toyota..." before I switched stations. That was all Aaron needed... he finished the tag line by saying, "let's go places."

  • Naptime is becoming harder - he simply doesn't want to sleep! I have cheated a few times recently and turned on a show and helped him lay down. He is out in minutes :)
  • The other day, Aaron was being so sweet to Audrey. He was handing her toys and putting blankets on her so she would be warm ... so I offered him a Hershey's kiss to tell him thanks. He immediately went over to Audrey, placed the kiss in front of her and said, "Here you go, Audrey. Have some chocolate." How adorable is that!
  • Aaron apparently pulls obscure lines out of movies... Let's take a moment to visit a few of his other movie quotes:
  • "I'm gonna wreck it!" "There is no finish line!" and "I am not a hobo," from Wreck it Ralph. One of Aaron's current favorites.
  • "I'm falling to my death," and "How about tomorrow we kidnap Roxanne Richie?" from Megamind. Aaron's other current favorite
  • "Why does it have to be rock monsters?" from Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers
  • He also loves Monster's Inc and randomly walks around singing, like Boo does.
  • "I will use this," and "Who are you and how did you find me?" and "Stop fighting me," and "You will not *insert what he is thinking of at the time* ever!" from Tangled.
  • "Talk, I know you can," from Lilo and Stitch.
  • "Speed, I am speed," from Cars.
  • "I'm going to kill you dragon," and sometimes he mixes up a few lines and it comes out, "I'm going to kill my father..." oops ... from How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Today, I asked Aaron where my phone was. He usually knows the answer to this question, and if he doesn't, he usually says, "I don't know." But today, he said it was upstairs.  I asked where upstairs. He rubbed his chin and said it was in my craft room. I asked him to go get it and he looked panicked. His response was that I should go get the phone... after asking a few times (if he knew right where it was, it would save me time searching) and he still said no, I went on the hunt. No phone in the craft room. I came downstairs to jump on the computer and found it in the office. Aaron, my little shadow, followed me in and exclaimed, "OH! There it is, Mama!" Haha, he had simply guessed that it was in the craft room (a pretty good guess, I'll admit).

    • Aaron loves the shower (or the tub ... he likes different ones on different days). When he gets out, he likes to exclaim that he needs his towel to be warm! He wraps up in his towel, exclaims it is cold, and waits for me to rub him dry. He will then refuse to give up his towel because it is now warm.

    Thanksgiving Week

    What a great week it has been! I have LOVED all the extra time with Eric! He took a little less than a half day off on Monday so we could go see Ender's Game with his sister, Rachel, and her husband, Tighe.
    He then got Thursday and Friday off! We made the most of these days.
    Thursday, Thanksgiving, we started the day with Apple Pie for breakfast!

    Then we got to see my brother, Thomas who is serving a mission in Hillsboro.
    We brought him an Apple Pie, Grape Sparkling Cider, and BBQ wraps
    The first thing Aaron did was take Elder Wilkinson's hand and try to walk off... splits with the misisonaries.
    They get younger every year!

     I am so glad we were able to stop in and say hi!
    We headed to Eric's parents' home after that for an amazing Thanksgiving.

    Aaron spent most of the day playing with Grampa either outside or upstairs with the trains :)
     Aaron sat at the table all ready to eat before we finished getting all the food out. Haha
      Since we will be in Utah for Christmas, we gave Aaron his gifts from Eric's parents/us after dinner.
    He got a play kitchen and tons of food! He was soooooooooooo excited!

    Friday, we took it easy. We even got in a family Dota match o_O

    Today we decked the halls! Oh man was I READY!!! I am so pumped for Christmas!
    Eric was so excited - we opted to not go to a tree farm but to go to one of those stands with the trees already cut and easy to pick up.This was his first year not under the tree sawing it down.
    Eric kept saying, "This was too easy ... someone's going to come take the tree back or something..."

    We got a tree just for Aaron to decorate. The theory is he will leave the big tree and the music tree (on the counter) alone. I also put a nativity set on the table that is specifically for him to play with.
    He refuses to say, "Mary and Joseph." It is "Jesus' Mama and Daddy" 

    What a fun week it has been. I am not looking forward to Eric going back to work, but I have a super long Christmas break to look forward to and trees to keep me company!

    Wednesday, November 27, 2013

    Zoo Lights

    On a whim, we decided to go to zoo lights tonight - It was a blast!

    Aaron's favorite part was the lion rawr ... he talked to the lion and the lion talked back!
    Audrey loves to be outside, no matter the weather, and the lights were a mega plus for her.
    She giggled and smiled and looked around the whole time.
    Aaron liked pushing the stroller with Daddy
     Aaron thought the dragon was cool but refused to go see the cow ... they had a staring match instead.

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    How to Please a Woman

    Aaron proved today that he knows how to please a woman - specifically, his sister.

    First, he played peek-a-boo with her. Covering his eyes with her feet - love it!

    Then he read her a story - word for word. The cute boy has memorized the book :)
    Turn up your volume, he is pretty quiet.

    And then comes the finale ... I put them down for a nap and Audrey was unhappy about it. She wanted to be held. I watched on the camera as Aaron climbed in her bed and chatted with her, calming her down in seconds. I wasn't paying too close attention, and then Aaron left the room. I went up to put him back in and I noticed what I didn't see before while watching the camera ... 
    When I put the children down, I gave Aaron some peanut m&m's as a reward for going in his room when I asked. When Audrey got sad, he tried to share them with her ... What a loving brother.
    Adorable and frightening at the same time. 

    Apparently Aaron knows - when a woman is sad, give her chocolate.

    Saturday, November 23, 2013

    My Kids

    I assumed, back when I was teaching Ballroom in Utah, that once I had my own children, I would stop calling my students, "my kids." However ... it stuck. These are my kids  :)
    The girl on the floor, Vivien, just turned 7, the boy on the right, Nathaniel, is 8, 
    Dustin, the other boy, is 9 and the girl on the right, Elizabeth, just turned 10. 
    We are hoping the program grows and we get more kids, but I am also loving our small class!
     We learned Hustle, Waltz, and East Coast Swing in 2 months. Next month is Foxtrot.

    Friday, November 22, 2013

    Zoo Time!

    Kelsey called me last night to see if we wanted to join her and her kids at the zoo - of course I said yes! A chance to hang out with Kelsey and see the animals! And ... I guess the kids would have fun too, right?


     Audrey's little outfit was a bit big, but warm! Here is our fluffy bunny.