Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Hero

Last night, Eric drove quite a distance and donated platelets. This is where they take your blood out, remove the platelets, and then give back the blood... It took quite a while but was apparently painless (to him, everything is painless, so who knows how much it hurts a normal person...) After donating, they informed him he saved 2 lives. Kinda crazy...

He came home and said, "I took a picture for you, wanna see?" oh joy... So, for your enjoyment, here are his platelets... Yellow??? weeeeeeeeeeird. Eric was able to see a cell inside before they sent it through the machine to break up the cells -- which is cool, even to me :) 

I asked him if they infused his blood with super-human strength before returning it to him to go along with his super-human good looks. He just laughed ... which in my book means yes. Score! I am never opening my own jars again!

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