Saturday, October 12, 2013


Today we had the amazing opportunity to go bowling with our friends, Ashley and Robbie!
The first half consisted of everyone bowling - even Aaron! Audrey was a great sport!
Aaron started to lose steam toward the end. He would run out onto the lanes... They are super slippery. The last time he managed to get onto a lane, I raced after him and fell as I scooped him up - apparently I looked graceful as a I fell... a compliment as my poor bum started to form a bump and a bruise...

Eric requested we take the picture to prove that Aaron did not beat him and Robbie ;)
Eric was setting up the ramp for Aaron and after Aaron was getting good scores, he decided someone else needed to do it ... and then Ashley did an amazing job and both boys were concerned they would lose to a 2 year old ... which really, isn't the end of the world having been beaten myself ;)
By the end of that game, Aaron was ready to run around so while the second game commenced, Eric and I traded off playing with Aaron at the Arcade. And Audrey slept - at a bowling alley - by the lanes...

We went out to Qudoba for dinner after the games. Aaron refused to bite the burrito in the same place twice, haha! It made it difficult to eat later on. The restaurant was empty but for us so we let Aaron run around. This was the result ... he played in with the trash. oops.

I am so glad we have such amazing friends!

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  1. Hahah I LOVE this! You could also have mentioned that I rocked last place in both games... haha no shame! We had such a wonderful time with you guys (like alwayyyys!) Can't wait until next time!! Love you!


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