Monday, October 21, 2013

Aaron Shares, Audrey Stares

Aaron loves to share with Audrey!

Aaron also loves to take pictures. He has started mimicking me when he plays "photographer."
He comes over and says, "wait wait" as he moves my legs or turns Audrey's head.
He says things like, "just one more minute," "just one sec," "please stay calm! relax!"

The other day, Aaron popped his head out of his room while he and Audrey were supposed to be napping. He was saying that the baby was crying. He usually informs me when Audrey cries, and she wasn't, so I told him he needed to go back to bed. But he insisted, so I went to see him. He had his baby, Ella, in his arms. I asked if he meant Ella and he said, "she crying. she sad." I asked why she was sad and he said, "she hungry." I asked how we could help her feel better and he said, "maybe she need to eat? get baby food?" He wouldn't go back in his room until I tracked down the pretend milk and juice for his baby.

He is so thoughtful and caring! I love him!!!

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