Thursday, October 17, 2013

Captain Phillips

The weather has been a little crazy lately. It has been freezing but sunny and this weekend is supposed to be cloudy but warm ... hmmmm We have been making the most of it though.
Tonight we went to see Captain Phillips. Eric's parents took the kids again and Aaron was so excited, we got ready a bit early... It ended up working out perfectly though. He wanted to go immediately but I informed him we had to wait for Audrey to wake up (if I simply said we can't go for 20 minutes he wouldn't understand)... so he promptly went upstairs and woke her. So the rest of my preparations were centered around Audrey which made me thankful for the extra time not having to get Aaron ready :)

We saw the movie in the GXL theater at Cinetopia. The movie was quite amazing and we definitely enjoyed it. But at the end, it left me feeling like a non-contributing, lay-about... They show the amazing heroes - the navy seals and helicopter pilots and people who put their lives at risk to save others... and here I am living in boring old Oregon sitting in my comfy house all day. I started thinking about Doctors Without Boarders and all those other amazing organizations that go around the world helping people while I simply live my own privileged life... This started to drag me down.

But then I remembered ... I remembered thinking about my purpose. I remembered how the spirit has led us here - that this is where we are supposed to be, right now. I am not supposed to be serving in Africa or be a member of the military. I am where I am supposed to be, where I can learn the most, and where I can make the biggest difference. This brought me immense comfort. There is a plan for each of us, and each plan is different. Certain people are made for certain things and no one calling is greater than another. I can magnify the world around me just as strongly as others in other occupations, I simply need to put my heart into what God has given me.

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