Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Weekend

I want to start with some of the impressions I had during the conference sessions before I put up pictures - I know how most of you stop reading words once pictures enter the post :)

Starting with Saturday's Sessions, these are the talks that stood out to me most:

  • I am ashamed to say that I don't remember who gave this talk - but there was a talk Saturday Morning that talked about our tempers. He talked about how we desperately need to control our tempers - particularly with children. I heard this and knew it was something I needed to apply. While I would never, ever hurt my children, I definitely consider selling them on the black market from time to time... I get frustrated when I say the same thing over and over and never achieve the result I desire (insanity, right?). I will grow short with Aaron and eventually my tone of voice changes to one of kindness and understanding into one of weariness and frustration. However, since I heard this talk, I have made a sincere effort to change my attitude with my kids - and I have already noticed a difference. Aaron responds to me so much better. He goes down for his naps easier and is much more compliant. I know I need to incorporate this into my life in other places - I get upset easily when adults and children judge Aaron - he is 2 and is still learning, but he does one thing wrong one time and suddenly everyone assumes he will always do something wrong. I have had children run to me declaring that Aaron has a stick and will most certainly hit someone - but when we find Aaron, he is simply playing with the stick, no harm intended or done. I have had adults say that another child has one of Aaron's toys and once Aaron notices, an uproar will inevitably follow - but we see that when Aaron notices, he gets excited and shares more toys explaining the names of each toy ... these things eat me alive and while I have yet to snap at someone who has done this, I think very mean things for a considerable length of time. I will continue to work on this as well.
  • Elder Hales had a line that mentioned that we will not always be free from the same persecutions as the early saints endured. Time to prepare!
  • President Uchtdorf spoke about how we have doubts, but we need to make sure they don't get the better of us. His great one liner was "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."
  • Elder Holland gave another amazing talk - he always hits home for me! This time, he talked about mental illnesses. He said that you should not feel any more ashamed to admit a mental illness than you should about a battle with high blood pressure. They are a trial of this life. I know many people and family members who suffer from depression, which was the main point he talked about. He gave encouraging words to those who have depression as well as words of comfort for those who are working to help those with depression. "Whatever your struggle - mental or emotional or physical or otherwise - Trust in God. Hold on to His love. Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and all the shadows of mortality will flee."
  • President Eyring talked about how choices lead to happiness. This was incredible - happiness doesn't simply come, we have to make the choices that help us earn it.
  • There were several talks that seemed to hit on the legalization of Gay Marriage, Abortion and the Feminist movement (women being allowed to wear pants to church and hold the priesthood) without directly stating it. Elder Oaks was one of them. These talks mentioned that just because the world has legalized sin doesn't make it not a sin... that the Lord's ways are not the ways of men.
  • Elder Scott talked about how Satan will use past sins against us - how he will tempt us with things we have overcome if we put ourselves in the situation where he can get to us. Elder Scott then talked about service as a way to not fall back into temptation - what a cool idea!
  • Elder Nelson talked about how our bodies are sacred temples and he said that what you do with your body will affect your spirit. I think this is why I feel so incredibly amazing when I dance. It affects my spirit - it lifts me and brings me closer to heaven.
  • Elder Bednar,  "When you are grateful, you are rich in contentment. If you are ungrateful, you will live in the poverty of discontentment."
  • President Monson talked about his wife - it is incredible how much he loves her! He also said, "Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, He is with us. He has promised that this will never change."
Ok! That is all of my thoughts - lots and lots of things for me to work on! Now for pictures!
I'm going to start with some fun photos from Friday evening.
Aaron wanted to share Lightning with Audrey - cute!
We had ice cream and I let Aaron finish mine after he finished his own helping ... he decided to lick the bowl and get ice cream all over his face and hair.
I feel like we need Braveheart music playing as Aaron rallies his troops!
And I have a feeling that Audrey will simply have to learn to enjoy playing cars :)

Saturday morning session was very pleasant. While we had to spend some time asking Aaron to sit down of soften his voice so we could hear, he was pretty good! We had fun coloring in the dinosaur coloring book from GP! We also enjoyed hasbrowns for breakfast - also from GP. 
Aaron and Audrey slept during the second session which was super nice of them :)  
  Before Eric left for Priesthood Session, we got in a game of Netrunner - Aaron wanted to play too. He was so good at not messing with our cards, and he kept giving me free money!
After Eric left, we had baths. Aaron enjoys taking baths with Audrey and reading her stories.

While Eric was gone, I did some baking! I warmed some crockpot apple crisp that I made the night before and I whipped up some banana bread and pumpkin cupcakes while the kids relaxed.

Sunday morning we watched conference in bed. Aaron and Audrey are always so cute together!

We went to Eric's parents for the afternoon session.
Aaron played trains with his cousins and sat with Gramma for part of the session.

This is what happens when Daddy plays with Audrey... 
We get purposeful nose photobombs and squished cheeks.

We had fun on the trampoline! Aaron played with his cousins, then Eric went out, and eventually even I went out. The girls were so in awe of the "amazing" tricks Eric and I can do on the tramp! Though, one of my tricks, a backwards somersault with no hands during which I use my neck and back muscles to pop my body into the air to land on my tummy has caused my neck to be seriously sore today ... I hate being old!

As we left, Sam was opening a birthday gift. Aaron was certain it was his birthday and as we were leaving, he asked Gramma for flowers... when she got him some, he declared, "It my birthday! Great present! Thanks Gramma!" What a funny kid!
I am so grateful we have prophets on the earth today to give us direction 
and I am glad we can watch them in the comfort of our own home!

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