Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simply Adorable Every-day Life

Sometimes you just need to post the adorableness of every day life
 'cause some moments are too cute too let pass us by

Audrey is incapable of keeping her socks on and leaving her feet covered...
Cold cute toes :) She also loooooooooooves her tummy time. She naps on her tummy and will wake up and look around without me even realizing she has woken!

This second set has a fun story ... Eric called on his way home last night to tell me he had been invited to hang out with some of his friends for the evening. As it was short notice, he had opted to come home for dinner and spend some time with me before he took off. After being home for a bit, he decided to stay. While he would have had fun with his friends and I sincerely said he could go should he choose, he chose to stay home. It is incredible how after almost 4 years of seeing each other every single day, we are not sick of each other and would rather spend time together than with anyone else. How lucky I am! 
We let Aaron stay up a little bit later and he asked me if he could snuggle. 
Double lucky! Both of my boys want to spend time with me!

A few fun quotes to break up the pictures:
  • Watching me put on make-up, Aaron was looking through my eye shadows. He turned to me and said, "Mama, I want color too..." I guess that is what it looked like I was doing...
  • Aaron brought me an imaginary meal on plates but forgot a fork and said I couldn't eat it without the fork! He raced off, found one, and proceeded to feed me - he even scraped my mouth with the fork/spoon to clean off what imaginary food didn't make it into my mouth. He even asked if I was ready before each bite. Most definitely the BEST imaginary meal I have ever had!
  • The other day, it didn't matter where I sat ... everywhere was "Aaron's spot" ...
  • Fighting a headache a few days ago, I got Aaron his lunch and then laid back down. Soon after, Aaron came in saying, "look what I've got for youuuuuuuuuu..." He had the entire container of chocolate chips! He knows me so well!
  • Aaron was playing with his cars and asked me, "Where's missile going?" Me:"I don't know Aaron, where is he going?" Aaron: "The beach! Where is mater going?" Me: "I don't know, where?" Aaron: "The office!" I feel like McMissile got the better end of the deal...
  • I love when Aaron and I have a conversation that goes like this: When Aaron says, "Mama, can you have milk please?" I reply, "yes!" Then, I lean in close and whisper, "how about we make it chocolate?" hehe, he gets so excited!
  • On Monday, we taught Aaron about temples again for FHE. Since then, he has been very fond of saying that, "Aaron needs to go temple ... today ... now" and "the temple is JESUS! house," and "Daddy married..."
  • Today, Aaron put goldfish in Audrey's mouth ... twice. He wanted to share so badly. Later, while I was vacuuming, he came to me and said that, "Audrey have marshmallow on her face." Worried that he had again tried to share, I raced in where she was lying. She had spit-up dribble on her cheek. What a clever way for Aaron to try to explain to me what had happened without knowing the right words to use.

Audrey loves standing ... She just needs me to hold her arms for balance :)

I can't wait for Audrey to show me more of her personality ... to get to know her better ... for her to be able to talk! If she could talk now, what would she say??? What would she pray for if she could say her own prayers?Aaron prays for things like, "mater and missile feel better," and "Aaron go nuh-nye in mama's bed," and "fly," and his "blanket and pillow and cars," not to mention his food by name "chicken and potatoes and milk and food," along with "mama and daddy and Audrey." I love his little prayers!

Yes, I'm the creepy mom who sneaks in during nap time to check on the kiddos and to snap pictures when they are so adorable! Audrey is so small in that crib! Well, small in general, but she looks even smaller in there! I finally pulled all the blankets out of Aaron's bed. It seems that for the past week he has taken a new one in every night - there were 8 blankets! Silly boy! It isn't that it is cold in there, he just loves blankets and pillows when he sleeps. If we are in the car and he is sleepy, he asks me for a blanket and a pillow.
Can you see their hair? I am growing Aaron's out for Halloween and it gets redder and curlier as it grows. Audrey's is also coming in a strawberry blond.
They are such sweet children and they love each other more than I thought possible in someone so small.

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