Monday, October 14, 2013


Tonight for FHE, we decided to teach Aaron about Reverence.
Given that my poor 2 year old got a black eye while I was standing right there...
I think he needs to learn how to be calm and quiet every once in a while. 
Here is the game Eric invented to help us learn:
When the music stops, we had to be reverent.
 And here is sweet Audrey relaxing during the activity :)
Oh, just a little brag:
Aaron has been learning days of the week by when he gets to see Gramma and Grampa next. Recently, he has seen them on Fridays and Sundays. Every morning, I say, "not today, today is *blah*" On Friday, he informed me that it was indeed Friday and the day before was Thursday! Well, Aaron surprised me by asking when he gets to see Gramma and Grampa again. My response was, "I don't know." He proceeded to ask about Friday, then Sunday, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Crazy! I didn't realize how much he was taking in! He is learning and growing so fast! Now to get Reverence down...

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