Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Aaron loves to be outside - he loves to look outside too. Even as a newborn it would calm him ... and now he loves it more than ever.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the grass and he ended up wanting to chase a squirrel that was eating a nut. The level of confusion from that poor squirrel was hysterical. He found a pine cone on the way in - he chose to pick up the dis-formed one instead of the pretty one beside it...  Anyway, it started raining so we relocated inside to watch the squirrels and wait for Daddy to come home. At any given time at our apartment you can look out the window and see at least 3 squirrels.

Today Aaron was eating lunch and I had the window open.  Well, he was watching the squirrels while he ate his lunch, so I moved him closer to the window where he ate his cheese (of course) and watched the squirrels run around in the rain.

Imagine his surprise when Mama suddenly appeared with the squirrels!

You can see the result of the high winds on the outside of my windows... oh well.

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