Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter was SO fun this year! We had lots happen.

Friday I went over to Ane's house to decorate the chocolate bunnies. Mark's mom (Grammie) makes chocolate bunnies every year. This year, she, her 2 daughters, Gail and Julie, and Julie's daughter, Courtney were all in town so we made the bunnies together. Ane said she would rather play with Aaron, Grammie wanted to watch, Gail was wrapping presents for the grandkids, so Courtney, Julie and I decorated the bunnies. It was a blast. I am so glad that they came down for Easter this year. I hadn't gotten to spend much time with Mark's side of the family before now, so it was a real treat.

Somehow there were extra bunnies so some of the adults got them too. 

Two of the ones I did were Eric's and Aaron's ... I'm quite proud of them
They have "scarves" and Aaron has "glasses" simply because I managed to break them... 
I broke Aaron's twice. So I tried to hide the breaks. Not bad eh?

Friday night was crunch time... I made lots of treats (the same ones as last year, sorry, no new pictures) and finished the gifts. The girls each got 2 rose bracelets and each boy got a cape.
I need to get a picture of the 3 boys in their capes...

Even Superheros get hungry...

On Saturday, we went and dropped Aaron off at Gramma's house for the big Easter extravaganza. We accidentally scheduled WICKED on top of it, but it ended up working out. I borrowed jewelry from Ane and Rachel to complete my outfit.  (*waves hand* my hair is still curled and not the crazy mess that it appears in the picture...)

The musical was PHENOMENAL! I had high expectations, but not THAT high!
Holy cow, definitely my favorite, EVER!

I, like for Beauty and the Beast, took a dress I already had and made it into something else. This time it had a zipper and beading so I needed to unpick the beading and then sew the top together, cut a neckline and arm holes, chop off the bottom, take the dress in considerably, and sew sleeves. It was really very simple (I know you're probably thinking it wasn't, but it really was...). I am particularly proud of the neckline...

I also needed shoes to match and since the dress was a deep navy blue, I took a pair of shoes that I had that I love but rarely wear (they were a purple silver) and made them blue.

While we were gone, they did the children's Easter Egg Hunt.

Aaron came away with a new truck and a new cow from Gramma.
Heather also gave Aaron a set of turtles that are a drum, maraca, clappers, tambourine, and a kazoo... 
It is currently his favorite toy.

Thomas loves Gramma, so much that if anyone else is sitting with Gramma he tries to push them out of the way to sit with Gramma... 
Thomas gets long great with everyone, especially Aaron... unless they are being held by Gramma.
He gets jealous of Aaron fairly often, but this time, because he got to sit on Gramma's lap and Gramma wasn't holding Aaron, he decided he likes Aaron.
So he helped feed Aaron lunch. :}

After we got back and changed our clothes, we did the adult Easter Egg Hunt.

We managed to find all the eggs this year (we think) plus one from last year (haha!)

Eric and I got Baskin Robins giftcards, Baja Fresh, and Amazon! 
(we've already used the Amazon one .. yay for Diablo III!!!)

On Sunday we went to church and then back to Ane's house for lunch with Michael and Heather's family. We only intended to stay for lunch, but all of us managed to stay for 5 hours after lunch just chatting... The girls had fun playing together and Aaron tried to keep up - I can't count how many times I had to chase after the little bugger... Finally, he wore himself out. He crawled up, laid his head in my lap and fell right asleep.

p.s. this is the new Easter outfit I got for him. 
He also got 2 cars, crackers, and a stuffed whale (he chose all of it...except the outfit)

Cute, huh?

Later that evening we did a Google + Hangout with my family.
They wanted to see Aaron dance and I got a short video of him grooving with them.

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