Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Behind...

So, I'm a little behind in posting so this post is going to be a bit intense :D

We thought this was cute...
Aaron was tired so he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep.

 Eric was doing the dishes and noticed that Aaron was staring at him
so he gave Aaron something to stare at...

Take a look at the video after the pictures

Last weekend we did 2 double dates with David and Emily Bass.
For the first one, we went to an Asian restaurant by our apartment and then the park.

(FYI, the second date was to see The Hunger Games which was SO good!)

Eli's like "What do you think you're doing?!?"

Aaron and Eli's very first time at the park on a swing!

Eric and David went to play Horse - Aaron wanted to be with Daddy so they took him with... 
only, they realized Aaron's lips were quivering so they decided it was time to go home.

Aaron was over playing with Eric's drums and realized he could make cool sounds by pulling and pushing on the drums from the back...

My little music man!

Aaron threw up earlier in the evening and then was suddenly so happy...
His new favorite place is under the desk and it takes a lot of effort to get him out.
Sorry it is so dark so you can't see him - but the effect is the same ...
He thought it was such a funny thought that he would come to me when he was having so much fun under the desk with "Daddy's Toys"

And here are a few other random videos I thought you might enjoy. :}

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