Monday, April 16, 2012

Journey of Discovery -- A Few Fun Stories

  • Aaron is growing and learning in so many ways. It is so exciting to see him figure things out. Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, the teenage boys in the row behind us taught Aaron how to sword fight with pens ... he loves it!
  • This is something I walked in on ... he was noticing the light but every time he went for it, it would disappear! How magical!

  • On Friday, we had a very long outing... It entailed 2 grocery stores, visiting Eric at work for lunch, and then a hunt for the collector's edition of Diablo III that included a trip to the mall and then another store... by the time we got home, Aaron had fallen asleep in the car. It was a beautiful day so I grabbed a chair and sat beside the car while he napped. When he awoke, he was in desperate need of a diaper change. Feeling bad for the poor kid, I decided to let him be free (after all, his diaper was so full, how could he have any pee left in him?). I had only gone around the corner to put away the chair and came back to find him peeing, taking his hand in and out of the stream intrigued - then grabbing and aiming the pee making even more of a mess... When I could hold it in no longer I began to laugh which startled Aaron into no longer peeing.
  • Out of necessity for Aaron, Eric went around and installed latches on all of the cabinets. Aaron had easily figured out how to get into them. I made sure the dishwasher was locked shut (we discovered yesterday that if it isn't, Aaron can bop into it enough to bop it open and then he has easy access to the silverware... yikes!) and then proceeded into the living room assuming that all would be well. It wasn't long before I heard a thud and then rushing water... The juice containers that I had filled with water and left on the floor were no longer full... Aaron had figured out how to unscrew the cap. Turns out, all he wanted was the cap.

I had planned to edit these, but 1. I'm lazy and 2. I know my mother would rather see the whole video...

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  1. I love that in the last video he is happily playing with the cap, but obviously soaking wet from the water he spilled. haha!


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