Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Once upon a time ...

Back when Eric and I started dating there was another boy in our ward who wanted to date me (I was popular, what can I say ;} ). Let's call him Sergei.

Sergei had asked me 3 times to date him over the course of a semester. He was a very kind, very sweet boy, but not the boy for me.

The night Eric and I first held hands, we were sitting at my apartment. He was on one end of the couch and I was on the other. He reached across and found my hand and bridged the gap between us, gently stroking and playing with my hand as though it was a novelty.

While we were entranced with each other, a knock came at the door. I was in the habit of simply yelling come in and as I did not have any desire, whatsoever, to get up and leave this amazing gentleman by himself on my couch, that is what I did...

Well, in walked Sergei...

He had with him a tupperware container of homemade Baklava - his mother's recipe that has been handed down. For those who are unaware, Baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert. It is a long involved process to make this delicacy, especially if you are making it by yourself.  (Watch the Genie's song in Aladdin if you want more information) And Sergei had made some, for me.

Looking extremely awkward, he left the container and bolted. I felt a little bad for Sergei but was comforted in the fact that I had the man of my dreams sitting beside me, holding my and and causing my heart to flutter...

Later that evening, Eric and I wandered into the kitchen and found the treat... it looked delicious. Eric asked if we could have some and of course I said yes. I felt a little guilty eating it but as Eric tells it... it was the "taste of victory." 

Ever since, Eric has been itching to make Baklava (either to relive his victory or because it tastes amazing, I still don't know which...) and we finally did on Monday night!

And boy, did it taste good!
The Taste of Victory

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