Sunday, April 12, 2015

We're Getting There

This last week was definitely better than the several weeks previous. 
We still aren't doing great, but we're recovering some of our energy.
Well, Eric and I are recovering it, the kids are full of it!

On Tuesday, Audrey recorded a video of herself ... and she's been watching it over and over ever since!
 Here is the video incase you are curious ...
 Audrey is obsessed with staying clean and cleaning everything - she was "cleaning" my hand with a baby-wipe and became increasingly frustrated that the freckle on my hand wasn't coming off :)

 Also on Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor was concerned about my pain levels and tender points, among other things and ordered some labs along with an ultrasound and a Non-Stress Test. I had the kids with me for the appointment and the labs. We had a break before the NST so we went out for lunch. While we were at lunch, my mother-in-law was inspired to call and she rushed up to take the kids so my non-stress test wouldn't turn too stressful. She ended up keeping them over night. THANK YOU!
The results of everything were this: there is plenty of fluid around the placenta, the baby is moving great, there are no internal infections surrounding the placenta to be causing the pain. I had some contractions while there, however, and was not permitted to leave until the nurse watched me put the number for labor and delivery into my phone. They gave me a back support brace to help carry the weight of the baby to relieve back pain and the pain I've been feeling in my belly. It isn't a perfect solution, but it helps.

I've had a few funny encounters with Aaron recently...

The first is that he tries to shut us all in the bathroom every chance he gets because, apparently, it is actually an airport and he wants to fly the plane.

The second happened when I was working on changing the laundry. Aaron glanced down at my feet and started to freak out... "Mama! They don't match!" That day, I was wearing one pink sock and one purple (their pairs were magically in the load I was washing). He then glanced at the rest of me, "and your shirt doesn't match your pants and they both don't match your socks!" And then he gave me a judging look... 
Two days later, the same situation occurred but luckily, this time, Aaron informed me he was proud of me because that day, my socks matched. OCD much?

Another occurred when the wind started to pick up so I went outside to put away Aaron's soccer goals and other items that had the potential to blow away. Excited, Aaron raced to the window to watch and then shared his disappointment that the trees, cars, and houses weren't blowing away.

Aaron is also obsessed with me taking his picture and then striking the pose a second time to make sure I saw what he did. 
I love how my kids play - you can see in the picture above, Aaron pretending to be scared of Audrey's turtle. Every morning, Aaron gets up and plays with Audrey. He gets her (and himself) oranges and string cheese for a snack and then comes into my room around 9 to get my phone. He'll turn on a show and sit beside the crib so the two of them can watch while I get a little extra rest.
Seriously, they can be angels when they want to be!

 The sun came out on Thursday and the kids took full advantage!
  Then today, we felt well enough to go to church!
Let's be honest, for us ... this is kind of huge! We've been sick forever!
We opted to stay in the foyer (because let's face it, my kids are crazy and we don't have that much energy...) and at first, Audrey was intent on being reverent.
 How adorable is that?!? Let's just say, it didn't last. Good thing we stayed in the foyer.
 The kids really enjoyed the rest of their meetings! Audrey handled nursery alone today (which is a big step) and Aaron did not want to leave after Primary!

Eric's mom brought dinner over tonight and spent some time in our home (it's been a while since we've hosted her)! The kids loved showing her around the house and playing in the backyard!

After a great, relaxing weekend, here's hoping for a great start to a new week!

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