Monday, April 20, 2015

Audrey's Big Girl Bed

I decided today it was time to switch Audrey to a big girl bed.
Not because she was climbing out of the crib - she in fact hasn't attempted that for quite some time.
No, it's because she climbs the bunkbed frequently, gives me a heart attack, and tries to climb down over the side like her brother does and it has yet to end well.
So, to avoid my racing to the bedroom once again because Aaron yells, "AUDREY'S GOING TO FALL!" we took apart the bunkbed and moved out the crib.
 Everyone enjoyed story time taking place in Audrey's bed.
It's so fun to see her using my old pillow case, blanket and baby doll!
It took Audrey quite some time to crash. This whole freedom thing is new...
Aaron would get upset each time she got out of bed or got into something in the room.
But after we had a chat (or two or three) with him, he eventually chose to ignore her and fall asleep before she did. But she did choose to sleep in the bed in the end.
I went in to lie with her for a bit and she gave me some very sweet snuggles :) I think I'm going to like this!

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