Monday, April 27, 2015

Silly Personalities

My kids have such funny peculiarities. Audrey is obsessed with brushing her teeth. If I don't close the bathroom door, she gets a stool, climbs into the sink, grabs whatever toothbrush is closest and will turn on the water to get the brush wet. Aaron loves his snacks - and this is a common snack that he collects and brings to me to prepare. Apples, oranges, carrots and cheese. I love it!
 The other day, a song came on during the movie the kids were watching and Audrey reached out to Aaron and said, "Dance? Please?" So he took her hand and they started dancing. So cute!
And Aaron found a way tow Audrey when she can't get her bike to move - he's very clever. 
Audrey and I got some "girl bonding time" in yesterday :) I love how much she enjoys preening!
This was the first time we did her fingers as well as her toes and she loved it!
She shows them to me often and says "pretty!"
Aaron has been VERY into bringing bugs into the house to show me - he'll come in with worms and lady bugs and then more worms (though, apparently this time - since I said no worms in the house - they are actually sea snakes). He has also brought in ear wigs squirming between his 2 front fingers and then today he brought in this spider - hairy and big with spots on its back! EW!
For now, he has been told that if he brings bugs into the house they may get lost and never see their family again (he is sensitive enough that it should work)... and if he wants to pick up a bug to study, he should come get mama first!
 Apparently this is how we watch movies now ...
Sometimes, I don't know about this girl... She does such funny, odd things!
She chose to wear the apron and the sunglasses and wanted to sit on the counter to drink water and eat candy.
Despite how silly she is, I sure love the snuggles! Turns out Audrey loves my old bear as much as I did!
I love watching Audrey play!
Audrey also loves to do my hair - she sings and chatters while she does it. I tried to get a video (selfie style) of it and she noticed and started paying more attention to herself than my hair!
I love these little crazies! They certainly keep me entertained!

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