Monday, April 20, 2015

Is It Summer Yet?!?

Oregon weather feels like summer right now!
It's been in the 80's so we've spent a ton of time outside!
 Aaron decided to get himself and Audrey some frosting, haha. And with the sun going down later, we've had to switch up our bedtime routine to get the kids more excited to go to bed. Now, they get to read with Daddy!
 Look at those curls!!!
 Saturday, Daddy had a GREAT idea to pull out all of our summer water toys!
 Aaron was all about getting Daddy and I wet with either his squirt toy or his bucket.
Luckily, he can only ever get our feet with that bucket since he doesn't know how to swing it high yet.
Yeah ... my little water bugs :)
 After playing, Aaron requested some shade (a tent) and then Audrey took a nap while Daddy and Aaron did an obstacle course!
 They did crunches, ran through a series of chairs, did "up-down's", jumped through hoops, crawled and did push ups over and over and over again. Aaron loved being able to work out with Daddy!
Aaron chose soccer drills for their cool down.
After playing outside, we came in to watch The Princess Bride and had homemade pizza. 
The kids watched the entire movie :)
But the sun keeps coming back so we keep going out! Today, again, it's in the 80's!
 Sweet Eric installed the AC Units for me as well this past weekend! I am sleeping much better now!

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