Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things My Kids Say

Seriously, I could write a book with all the adorable things my kids say.

This morning, Aaron woke up around 7:15 - EARLY! stinker... Take a note from your sister who went to bed at 3:15 yesterday afternoon on the way home from the park/store and slept till 8 this morning...
Aaron and Audrey looking at old blog posts on my lap together
Anyway, he wanted Eric and I to get up and play with him - which isn't a totally unreasonable request, but we wanted to snuggle longer so we kept saying, "in a minute..." He tried everything - he climbed in bed with us and snuggled too but got bored. He asked me to sing him a song, which I did, but I did it from my bed... He brought us, "homemade breakfast" that he made in his playroom, he brought us "a drink that is as tasty as water but not sticky like juice." Oh kid, if a drink as tasty as water doesn't get me out of bed, I don't know what will! But then his sneaky brain kicked in and he came parading into the room saying, "forward, backward, cha cha cha! forward, backward, cha cha cha! Mama, I'm doing the cha cha!" be still my heart! I asked him if I could dance with him later (he actually knows how to cha cha)... he simply giggled and said, "or you could get up and dance with me now!!!" 

I also have some cute videos - in this first one, Aaron was supposed to be eating breakfast as I did the dishes. It was quiet and I should have known sooner that something was up...
 What a goofball!

I also got some fun videos of Audrey talking! She has so many words - Mama, Dada, Ah-n (Aaron), Papa, Up, Down, Kick, I-la-oo (I love you), More, Cheese, Pease (Please), Dank Doo (Thank You), and she loves to run around saying, This, This, This!

She talks non-stop. Always babbling, always giggling, telling stories and dishing out smiles. I love this little girl!

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