Saturday, September 6, 2014

Eric's Birthday!

This week, on Eric's birthday, there was chaos.
The kiddos drew him pictures, and we already had a sitter lined up so we used the sitter to relax and talk.

I bought Eric 2 pairs of pants and a shirt... I was at a loss as to what else to get him - so he asked for a PlayStation 4, some controllers and a few games. Given that he never asks for anything I readily said yes and instantly became the coolest wife ever. However, we still didn't have a "date" so today after the Precoa Picnic, I surprised him! I had lined up to have his mom take the kids for a few hours. We went miniature golfing and then out to dinner!

We decided to do "sexy" poses with the golf clubs... haha!
 so sexy... I'm impressed with how far he can make that tummy stick out when he wants to!

If you notice in the photo on the far right, Eric is standing with his feet surrounding the hole. At the beginning of the game, I started off doing really well... and then I started being unable to get my ball in the hole, at all. Each hole took more and more shots. So, Eric would assume this position. He also stopped taking score once it went down hill. Notice he wrote his poor score but the instant I had a bad one, they were no longer written. Haha. Such a great lover!

We went to Cafe Allegro for dinner. Eric picked out a fun Italian Soda to go with his meal. 
Notice in our selfie neither of us is looking at the camera?

 While we waited for our food, Eric and I played a game.
He had his flag and I had mine. We were attempting to destroy each other's flag. Each had to come up with a new idea to combat the other's destructive option.
It got pretty crazy.  Black holes and swinging hammers...
 Happy Birthday, Darling! Thanks for making each year so much fun!

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  1. You guys are so cute! Happy belated birthday Eric.


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