Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hooray! Daddy is Sick! Wait ... what?

This weekend started out spectacular, wanna know why? Eric was sick! Did I say that outloud? Even though it's one more person to take care of, I'd much rather have him home any day! I love how I can see him all day, get a smile and a kiss and feel rejuvenated - ready to take on the world!

Aaron fell asleep at lunch after having eaten all of his food. He didn't get to sleep for long since he had a play date lined up! He kept trying to go back to sleep but once I mentioned he was going to go to Lily's house, he was wiiiiiide awake!

Audrey went with me to take him to his play date and when we got back to the car, she realized he wasn't in his car seat! She was so upset! She eventually calmed down though and we managed to still have a great time! We went shopping together and I may or may not have bought her a bunch of dress-ups that are way to big for her ... that I can't wait for her to grow into!

When we picked him up, Audrey was so excited! They held hands for most of the way home! 
Audrey found a lady bug outside and Aaron, of course, was very excited to have "Vin" come back to visit! He was less excited when Audrey tried to eat her...

Daddy did his best to protect Vin but we finally put the lady bug on Audrey's head so she couldn't get to her anymore.
We gave Aaron a broken Chromebook and he had a blast naming the letters and the numbers and pretending to be like Daddy.

Friday night, I let Eric turn on World War Z - a zombie movie... It's one he's seen and likes so I offered to give it a shot. I lasted about 5 minutes. Eric looked over at me and knew he needed to change it - so he turned on Mean Girls. Haha, he's the best! Saturday morning, Aaron woke normal time but was content to entertain himself for a few hours. Audrey slept in till 10. That's right, be jealous. Therefore Eric and I slept in that late too. I'd forgotten what it felt like! Thank you kiddos!

On Saturday and Sunday we had the pleasure of watching Thomas and Annie!
We had so much fun!

My neighbor hosted a "weenie roast" and the kids had a blast!

  They all woke up about the same time this morning and were soooo excited to play together!

Annie had fun sitting next to me trying to be a "mini-me." Can I keep her, please?

I was very reluctant to let Eric go drop them off to his mom. The kids didn't want to go either, which is always a good sign! They better come back soon!

Eric is feeling much better now, rats...

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