Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aaron's Chore Chart

We started a chore chart with Aaron - he won it at the Precoa Picnic! (We would have started something like this soon even if we hadn't won it but I'm sure grateful all the work is done for me in creating it!) This has been great for him but even better for me!

 Have I let him help? Have I helped him learn? Did I sit down with him and guide him through his homework? I have the chart by my room so I can see how I did each day.

Aaron now makes his own bed (pulls everything off, lays the pillow nice, puts on the blanket that is much too big for his bed, and replaces all the carebears), puts away his laundry - dirty and clean, (sorts it, puts it in the drawers and even hangs up his shirts), puts away the couch cushions and toys in the livingroom, cleans his playroom, and does his homework (letters and numbers workbooks and leapfrog videos).

He already did most of these (thought doing his laundry and making his bed are newer) but it's nice to see if I took the time to let him do each of these things every day or if someday I took over (oops) rather than give him the opportunity to grow and learn. He also helps unload the dishwasher and clears the table after dinner but there isn't a slot for those.

It's been fantastic! The sticker is a miraculous reward for him right now. We devoted a Family Home Evening to the chart - we let Aaron help select the jobs and then made sure he knew what each one entailed. That first night we found him cleaning the playroom instead of sleeping because he needed to get all his jobs done! He is such a hard working, smart kid. I'm glad we are able to start teaching him these important principles at a young age. It's hard to have the Spirit in our home or to want to invite others over when there is clutter and confusion.

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