Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Social Interaction

I have a complex - I'll admit it... I shouldn't be worried about this as much as I am. Oh well, I stress. 
Every 3-year-old in our area is in pre-school ... except Aaron.
He'll start Soccer in October, but I definitely feel the need to make sure he gets more social practice. So each day we do something. We host play dates, we attend play dates, or we go out and do something. Yesterday, the plan was to attend the library with some friends. On the way over, my friend sent me a message saying she could no longer make it. Since we were on our way, we opted to still go. Lo and behold, Lily was there! YES! Social interaction!
The Beaverton Library has sooooooooo much for the kids to do! 
I love it! The kids love it too! 

The first thing Audrey did was climb up on a table and start dancing ... oops... 
I feel I should discourage that.

 After the library, we went down to Gramma & Grampa's house!
It was raining, but seriously, when has that stopped us from playing in the tractor with Grampa?!?

 This was my coat when I was little - cute huh?

Then tonight, we went to Olive Garden! They had a deal where you can get a free kid's meal with an adult entree! How fun! Both kids were super well behaved and ate a ton!

I promise I don't think the eye doctor counts as an outing, but I got this cute picture while we were there of the kids playing ... so, here you go :)

Also, wanna see Audrey's hair growth issues?
None in front, a curly party in the back!

Aaaaaaand, one more since I'm on a roll here - this is how we watch movies these days... Personally, I prefer sitting on the couch like the lazy lump I am, but him? Nah - we must stand and dance while we watch!

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  1. Don't worry too much about not putting him in preschool. From what I've been told, the main thing they miss out on isn't the social interaction, it's the prep for kindergarten: learning to raise their hand, stand in line, ask to go to the bathroom, etc...


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